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Shattered Dreams

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I see you looking through your eyes
Your disability you can't disguise
you see them kiss and the love in their eyes

In your mind where do you go
In your mind what can you find
Your dreams of living normally
are scattered through your ability
Shattered like a pane of glass
keep stabbing you in your heart


in your mind you see it so clear
That there are something's you just can't change
Through your smile you hide the pain
Yet in your eyes I see so much stain

Walk in my Shoes

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This is my life
You need to know how I feel
Don't stop and stare
You need to know that it hurts

Chorus: Take a Walk in my Shoes
I'll take a walk in yours
We are on the same journey
Living here as one

I can't change the way I am
But you can change the way you think
I've been bullied called names
Don't judge a book by the cover