Jeff Gossan

Jeff Gossan

 Memphis, Tennessee, USA

My music is an eclectic mix of country, folk, and rock.
I currently enjoy acoustic venues and the intimacy it provides with the listeners.
I cover artists such as Dave Mathews, Matt Nathanson,Kieth Urban, Lifehouse,Black Crowes, Eric Church, Zac Brown Band


I've been involved in music my whole life. Played trombone in concert & jazz band. Sang in chorale during high school & college. Also played in a few rock bands . Traveled to many Christian churches & venues.Now I mostly write & record originals and perform acoustic sets at Weddings & cafe venues.
Influences include Dave Mathews, Third Day,Stevie Ray, Brad Paisley, James Taylor.


If I Had

Written By: Jeffrey Alan Gossan

“If I Had”

First time I kissed you, Felt it down in your toes
First time I kissed you, Felt it piercing my soul
There is a river, Rushing wild in our hearts
Deep waters rising, Though we’re miles apart

Hey, hey baby, if I had a flower
For every time, I thought of you
We could dance, In the garden forever
And love would be, All we knew

There is a symphony, Rises up from my soul
Sweet sweet melody, Even angels don’t know
Love is a live, Hear your smile through the telephone
Sweet tender words, Reaches deep in my bones

Tell me all your secret thoughts
Oh the wonder all around you
Take me to …Take me to your secrets spots
Gently guide … Guide me through

Lightening crashes, thunder rolls, Under this Kansas sky
These miles get old, That’s when I realized, I crashed into you
Oh what a sweet collide ………..(A7) ………. The sun shining through
Bb, F, C, …… Bb, F, D7
C, G, D …….. C, G, D7

D – Hey, hey baby C - G - If I had a flower
D – For every time C - G – I thought of you
D – We could dance C – G – In the garden forever
C – And love G-would be all we knew

D – C …….. If I had
D – C …….. If I had a flower
D – C ……. We could dance
D – C ……. Dance in the garden
D – C ……. We could dance, baby we could dance …….. D – C IF I HAD

Nothing Compares

Written By: Jeffrey Gossan

Verse One:
I've climbed the rocky mountains
Road rivers that were so wild
They could take your breath away
I free fell through a blue sky
Caught a wave on the first try
God knows I've had some fun

Nothing compares to you baby
This love you're giving me is crazy
Yea it's knocking me off of my feet
Your kiss is a new world wonder
Rocks me like rolling thunder
I've never seen anything like it anywhere

Nothing compares (to you baby)
Nothing compares(yea it's crazy)
Nothing compares to the way, you love me

Verse Two:
Everyday is a new adventure
I'm making new discoveries
That are blowing my mind
The way you dance in the moonlight
Cuddle up to me just right
Everything I need is smiling back at me

Baby, baby, baby, I'm coming back for more


Most recent original demo is called "Nothing Compares"which I recorded @ Kevin Paiges Studio in Memphis.

Also did an original "If I Had"@ Sun studio last year.

I currently am working on several more originals.
I have managed to place as a semi-finalist in several prominent national/international song competitions. Of course, I am still pursuing the Grand Prize.

Set List

You & I/Crash/Too Much To Say/In Your Eyes/Brown Eyed Girl/Wild Night/You & Me/Come on Get Higher/Simpleman/
Smoke a Little Smoke/Always on My Mind/Blue Eyes Crying/
You Gonna Fly/Lying Eyes/ Take It easy/ Hotel California/ You've Got a Friend/She Talks To Angels/Collide/You & Tequila/Nothing Compares/ If I Had/ margueritaville, it's 5 o'clock somewhere, Chicken Fried,Sweet Child O Mine,Toes