Jeff Greene

Jeff Greene


Contemporary Christian Music with an emphasis on Worship. It's centered around piano and a male voice. When it is called for I can add drums, base and background vocals. The music is designed to facilitate the Presence of God.


I was challenged as a teenager by the Lord to pursue the dimensions of Praise and Worship unto Him. So I really don't have a performance mentality, but one of ministering to the Lord. Our whole focus is to create lyrics and a flow of music that isn't distracting, but focuses on Him. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that brings connection between the worshiper and Christ.


My CD is titled, "Journey of the Soul". All tracks on the CD have had radio airplay especially, "Great and Awesome God".

Set List

Great and Awesome God
King of Glory
Atmosphere of Praise
The Lord is Good
Journey of the Soul
We give you the Glory
Show me your Glory
Worthy is the Lamb by Australian Hillsong

Typically I do 2 sets, 30 minutes of singing, 15 minutes of speaking, for a total of 90 minutes.