Jeff Gwaltney

Jeff Gwaltney


Funk/Rock... High Energy. We are 4 fellas who put are heart and soul into the music, leaving the audience with a great experience and desire to come back for more.. Guaranteed!


From Nashville by way of St. Louis, Jeff has pounded the pavement to make his musical mark. Singing at the age of 9 in front of anyone that would listen led to dominating talent shows by the age of 12. Three years later Gwaltney began gracing local parties, weddings and churches with his distinctive vocal aptitude. Before graduating high school, Jeff had already penned over 40 original compositions and began playing in regional clubs and venues.

After performing and perfecting his skills for many years, ā€œJGā€, as referred to by close friends, has spent the last year and a half defining his direction by writing and recording new material with acclaimed producer and EMI songwriter ā€“ Mickey Jack Cones.

*As a side note: Jeff was selected and featured as one of the six vocalists (only 3 males and 3 females) for the American Idol video game, which was released in late 2003 for Playstation 2, PC CD-Rom and Gameboy Advance*.


Jeff Gwaltney EP 2006 / Not released

Set List

1 hour to 1.5 hour show set. 12-15 songs.

Sunny Days
The Sons
I Believe
Picnic Party
Just Another day
The Face of Grace
Someone Else's Shame
Voodoo Chile (Slight return) (Cover)
Cold Shot (Cover)
On Fire (Cover)
Superstition (Cover)
Fallen Thorns