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Simple man

Written By: Jeff Harris/Gordon Maxwell

Simple Man

I may not look like Romeo
Or have the words like Cyrano
But I know all the way to treat you right

I may not drive a Cadillac
I got my Chevy’s parked out back
And I want you ridin’ shotgun all my life

Well I can show you girl
That in this mixed up, crazy world

It’s not so complicated
Easy livin' is how we’ll make it
Just give me a smile and give me your hand
I’ll show you a life of lovin’
Even if we ain’t got nothin’
If less is more then you’ll have all you can
‘Cause I’m a simple man

I may not know which fork to use
To me champagne is high priced booze
But darlin’ I can 2 step all night long

I can’t get into rock and roll
Hip hop, rap, R&B or soul
But I can sing you every Hank Williams song

If I could show you girl
That in this crazy world
With so much goin’ on


Meat and Potatoes – T shirt and jeans
When I say something you’ll know what that something means
All that you see is all that you get
But stick with me girl and I promise no regrets


©Jeff Harris/Gordon Maxwell
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