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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | INDIE

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | INDIE
Band R&B Soul


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"Jeff Hendrick’s Newest Release – A Soulful Departure From The Mundane"

A smooth milk chocolate mocha on a rainy day provides warmth, comfort and tremendous flavor for the connoisseur. Musically, R & B crooner Jeff Hendrick provides the exact same thing in his newest release titled, “Color Blind.” For Hendrick, it’s a project that couples sensuality with smooth vocals and the combination proves to be progressively and intrinsically intimate.Hendrick’s newest release builds off the smoothness of “Soul Celebration”, a compilation of tender and stirring ballads. Take a listen to one of the tracks off of “Soul Celebration”!

In “Color Blind”, Hendrick provides a variety of impassioned lyrics, wrapped up in his soft tenor voice.

With varied tempos, and melodic rhythms, Hendrick allows the listener an opportunity to pay homage to the days of bands and live instruments, just as he does, as well as a chance to simply get up and dance… whether it be to tango, waltz, stroll or sway.

The track “Island Girl,” he paints the picture of a Caribbean island with fresh linens dancing in an ocean breeze, while “Our First Dance” invites the step dancers to the forefront for an eclectic blend of jazz and r&b.

In asking Hendrick what he wished to provide the listener with “Color Blind”, Hendrick points to his evolution as a singer and songwriter: ” Color Blind continues my musical message of positivity and celebration, melodies and grooves to make you smile and dance, and a belief that true love knows no color or barriers,” said Hendrick.

“Color Blind” gives “grown folks” the music, the soul and the tastes of passion, infused with smooth and robust flavor …sips of richness and subtle exuberance… just like that of a milk chocolate mocha one can enjoy, time and time again.

Check out the track, “Saturday” from “Color Blind”!

- (USA)

"Jeff Hendrick - Color Blind"

Der weiße Mann und der schwarze Soul. Bobby Caldwell, Boz Scaggs, Darryl Hall, Robin Thicke – ehrenwerte Herren mit ebensolchen Versuchen das Verbindende zwischen den Farben zu suchen – und auch zu finden. Nun also Jeff Hendrick, der seine Hörerschaft schon mittels Namensgebung und Umschlag seines zweiten Albums darauf einstimmt, daß er es mit der Verschmelzung von Ebenholz und Elfenbein (an der einst Michael J. und Paul McC. gnadenlos schon gescheitert sind) ernst meint. Aber Hendrick weiß was er tut und wie er es tun muß. Zunächst greift er zu klar strukturieren Arrangements aus einem weichen Elektronik-Bett, auf dem er mit ebensolcher Flausch-Stimme eine überaus angenehme Atmosphäre verlegt. Hochwertige Einsätze von Saxofon und Gitarre sorgen für solistische Hi-Lites. Vertraute Intimität entsteht – dabei konzentrieren sich die von Jeff bevorzugten R&B-Stepper Tempi durchaus auf den Einsatz auf einem gepflegten Tanzboden, deren Nutzer aber ohne übermäßigen Körpereinsatz ihren Wunsch nach rhythmischer Bewegung nachkommen möchten.
Selbstredend eignet sich Hendricks Angebot auch für den zielgerichteten Nur-Hör-Einsatz – und entspricht damit in Gänze dem im Opener „Back To The Days“ geäußerten Ziel: „I Wanna Take Things Back To The Days When Music Lifted People And Songs Had Something To Say!“ . Und auch für die ultimative Vereinigung der Farben dieser Welt hat Mr. Hendrick den passenden Soundtrack parat – „Color Blind“ hören, Augen schließen, genießen.

- Sonic Soul (Germany)

"Edmonton's Best-Kept Soul Secret"

Our capital city has a certain collective soul, but it's not a soul capital.

I'm talking about soul music in the latter sense -- that groove-bound sound that grew out of rhythm 'n' blues and a mostly urban African-American population in the 1960s.

Here in Edmonton, our best-kept soul secret might be Jeff Hendrick, who has been nursing his own brand of slinky urban soul for more than a decade with several self-produced recordings. The singer-songwriter and saxophonist marks the release of his third album, Color Blind, Saturday at LYVE On Whyte.

In an era when technology has spun music marketing into a major transition, Hendrick is one of the best examples of a gifted artist who is taking advantage of new opportunities. He's not ready to quit his day job yet, but he has been creating high-quality sounds in his basement studio, and getting them out to a growing international fan base via the Internet.

Hendrick's sleek tones, sax and keyboard evolve in a smart, spare fashion over Color Blind's 11 tracks with help from guitarist Peter Belec, electronic grooves and the mixing expertise of his friend Tomas Brabec (a. k.a. Dr. Octavo).

The native Albertan is the first to admit there's not a big local audience for the urban soul sound. But he has played clubs in the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain, and closer to home in Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York over the past few years.

"I've always said, as long as you have an airport and a computer, it doesn't matter where you live," chuckles Hendrick. "And it's pretty neat to be this white guy from Edmonton playing for an all-African-American audience in Atlanta, Georgia, where they know your music and you're being treated like gold, even though they wouldn't be able to find Edmonton on a map."

Hendrick credits his father's record collection for his earliest soul influences and his grade-school band teachers for pushing his musicality. He was singing in choirs as a child, but essentially shelved his vocal interest to focus on jazz and saxophone during high school and a degree from Montreal's McGill University. Back in Edmonton in the late '90s, he got into doing background vocals and sax in Maracujah!, and that led to his solo soul-jazz debut 'Bout Time in 2003.

His real break came in 2006, a year after he released his followup Soul Celebration, when Dallas syndicated radio DJ Michael Baisden warmed to the disc and started sending it across the U.S. It has sold 12,000 copies, mostly over the Internet to fans in the U.S., Europe and Japan, a cool accomplishment for a kid from the Canadian Prairies.
- Roger Levesque - The Edmonton Journal (Canada)

"Jeff Hendrick - Color Blind"

Jeff Hendick returns with his third album. Jeff takes a relaxed approach to his music; he has a distinctive style, which is very popular on the Modern Soul scene in the UK. Cuts like ‘Our First Dance’, ‘Back To The Days’ and the title song ‘Color Blind’ will only enhance that reputation.
- Soul Brothers Records (UK)

"Jeff Hendrick - Color Blind"

Sweet soulful sounds from Jeff Hendrick – an artist we haven't heard from in a few years, but who really has a way with a soaring sort of groove! The title's appropriate, given the deep, warm feel of the set – an approach that comes across with the feel of some lost late 70s modern soul set – upbeat, positive, and produced with all the right touches to keep things in a classic mode – which makes from a nice change from some of the too-contemporary styles bubbling up in the Neo Soul underground. Hendrick's vocals have a raspy charm that fits in well with the tight rhythms and keyboards of the set – and there's some nice moogy bits that splash around the bassy bottoms of the beats nicely, too. Titles include "Color Blind", "Saturday", "Back To The Days", "Our First Dance", "You're A Trip", "Be Around You", and "Be Yours", which features a guest appearance by Shannon Paige - Dusty Groove Records (USA)

"Jeff Hendrick - Color Blind"

Jeff Hendrick's new album, Color Blind, is an infectious collection of smooth cuts that swings gently into action with the superior stepper, Back To The Days. On the chorus, Jeff sings, "I want to take things back to the days, when music lifted people, songs had something to say." It's a familiar theme for Jeff (check Old School Party on Soul Celebration) and something of a calling card for his brand of sophisticated R&B and soul aimed squarely at the more mature soul crowd.

Saturday is an ode to that magical night of the week, replete with a little Lookin Up To You Michael Wycoff vibe. Again, it's a well-worn, somewhat unoriginal, concept, but the track is such a polished soul concoction that the lyrics wash over you and the emphasis is firmly placed on the groove.

Jeff has a supremely relaxed tone, even on dance-floor cuts such as the aforementioned opening tracks. His voice has been compared to Michael Franks and it's this slightly square tone juxtaposed against an album of ostensibly contemporary R&B grooves that elevates Jeff's tracks and turns him into a vocalist worth listening to, providing a level of intrigue on cuts that may otherwise sound a little run-of-the-mill in the hands of a more 'traditional' R&B vocalist.

You're a Trip is a nice little midtempo shuffler with some polite yet squeaky synth work. It comes in two guises, the original featuring a warm sax solo from Jeff and a second, wholly unnecessary, version that merely replaces the sax with a rap. The rap version is tacked on at the end and detracts a little from the cogent soundscape created across the previous ten tracks.

Color Blind is a sensual quiet storm ballad with Jeff singing about his relationship with a woman of another race. It's an interesting concept delivered in subtle, whispering tones. Jeff's voice drawing the listener deeper in to the groove. Island Girl has a little tropical feel and improves with each listen. Our First Dance, however, is an expertly crafted steppers cut that neatly captures the romantic vibe of a wedding's first dance. Subtle keys, a finger-snapping rhythm and some clean guitar licks drive the track towards a smooth saxophone solo from Jeff that brings the track to a wholly satisfying close.

The arrangement on How Do I flirts with that Euro-Dance inspired sound beloved of innumerable R&B producers and artists over the past five years. Yet, somehow Jeff miraculously manages to inject some soul into what, with the wrong vocalist, would undoubtedly sound somewhat vapid. In many ways, this track could be played alongside the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce and Ne-Yo, but Jeff's subtle vocals are unlikely to hit with the teen crowd. Again, it's Jeff's restrained and laidback delivery that moves the cut out of the realms of the ordinary and into something a little more soulful.

Be Yours is a duet with Shannon Paige that reminds me of the kind of cut Dennis Taylor put out on Dome in the noughties. It's a nice, if unexceptional, groove that floats in and out without making too much fuss. This is followed by the sweet ballad, Be Around You, that rides a groove reminiscent of Joy from BLACKstreet's debut album (written with Michael Jackson). It's a warm piece of sofa soul; the very embodiment of 'grown and sexy' music.

Jeff's relaxed delivery may not initially alert the listener to the satisfying and captivating soul music contained within Color Blind. Critics may view the album a little safe, the grooves somewhat predictable. It's certainly not one for the purists, or those brought up on a diet of Solomon Burke and Wilson Pickett. But in a world where homogenous vocalists lace bubblegum tracks in the name of R&B, it's refreshing to hear an artist with a unique voice making contemporary soulful R&B.

Color Blind is not an album for the kids. Tracks such as Back To The Days and Our First Dance show Jeff clearly playing to a 30+ market. It's a shame that mainstream R&B is unable to accommodate artists like Jeff. But it's their loss. Jeff's music is a warm and charming blend of R&B, soul, light jazz and steppers grooves that withstands repeated plays via well crafted, insidious cuts that tenderly burrow deep in your soul over time. It may not win the 'Best Album' award come the end of year reviews, but it'll certainly be one of the most played.

Rating: 8/10

- SoulCuts for (International)

"Jeff Hendrick - Color Blind"

The moment I heard Jeff Hendrick sing on Color Blind, his latest album, I instantly thought of Michael Franks. It would be incorrect to say that Hendrick is trying to sound exactly like Franks. Hendrick sings R&B while Franks' sound has more of a jazzy vibe. Yet, there are similarities in their phrasing, vocal range and the attitude that Franks and Hendrick bring to a song. Both men have a laid back, intimate delivery that almost sounds like they are singing while sitting across from a cocktail table. Hendrick is also a singer who located a sound that compliments his voice. That sound is rooted in R&B, funk and jazz. Hendrick is aware of this, and that fact becomes obvious on Color Blind's opening track, "Back To The Days." The song pays homage to the days when bands played real instruments and when lyrics encouraged people to feel good and dance. "Back To The Days" can be viewed as Hendrick's artistic statement. He is not going to give you autotune, nor is he going to make songs that objectify women. He may not break any new ground musically, but he's going to give grown folks what they have been pining for. A lot of artists make that statement, but Hendrick is pretty effective in backing it up on Color Blind's ensuing tracks. The album sports several standout tracks. One example is the title track. "Color Blind" is a jazzy ballad that could also serve as Hendrick's personal manifesto. On "Color Blind," the blue-eyed crooner sings about his commitment to a woman of a different race. It might appear that someone with Hendrick's laid-back delivery might have a hard time making such a song convincing. But his soft tenor whisper gives a conversational intimacy to the song. Of course, the song's message is one that should be acceptable at a time when the president is the son of a white woman and a black man from Africa. However, it's likely that "Color Blind's" message will be easier to accept coming from a white man singing about a black woman than it would if a black man sang the song. Still, "Color Blind" is one of several noteworthy songs on the album. Hendrick varies the tempo and gives Color Blind a little Caribbean vibe on the song "Island Girl," while he creates a stepper's anthem and wedding dance song on "First Dance." "Be Yours" is a funky head nodder with a catchy hook. One thing that can definitely be said for Color Blind is that the material gets better from beginning to end. I usually listen to these albums straight through multiple times before I attempt to write a review. Toward the end, I found myself really focusing on tracks three to 11, which are the heart of this strong album. For those scoring at home, that's a pretty good batting average, and Color Blind is a welcome new disc for an old school soul. Recommended. By Howard Dukes - (USA)

"Jeff Hendrick - Color Blind"

Jeff Hendrick brings back the dancing and romancing in the music on his album "Color Blind". In his own unique style on "Color Blind" Jeff Hendrick will make you feel alright. On the eleven soulful songs on the album we enjoy the good things in life with him.

Jeff Hendrick is a singer, songwriter, saxophonist and producer who will capture your heart. The soulful melodies he sings with his sexy voice are a pleasure to hear. Jeff loves music and music loves Jeff.

The opening track "Back To The Days" puts you in the right mood to enjoy the whole album. You will be completely mesmerized by the love song "Be Around You" with that beautiful guitar. Another song to dream away is the duet "Be Yours" with the lovely voice of Shannon Paige. In "Color Blind" a song so true and sweet we feel the tension that we know from a song like "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" from the Temptations. A lovely modern R&B dance track is "How DO I" with that very catchy groove. Jeff Hendrick gives us a lot of sunshine and beauty in "Island Girl" a bit in the style of Enrique Iglesias but really hot. If you like stepping you have to catch the rhythm that is telegraphed by the song "It's Alright". Saturdays in general feel good but they feel even better when you listen to "Saturday" from Jeff Hendrick. To complete "Color Blind" there is the fat funky smash hit "You're A Trip" featuring a.ka.Subliminal.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Back To The Days, Be Around You, Be Yours, Color Blind, How Do I, Island Girl, Saturday, You're A Trip
- SaveOurSoul (Netherlands)

"The Best Local Talent You've Never Heard Of"

The old saying,"you can't win if you don't have a ticket" is one that Edmonton (now Calgary) R&B tunesmith and artist Jeff Hendrick strongly believes in.

As one of the hottest Can Con artists on Toronto's surging urban hip hop and r&b station FLOW FM, Hendrick has seen his national profile take a significant jump in the past few weeks because he chose to enter a contest sponsored by Calgary's VIBE 98.5 last year.

While the final results aren't in yet for what was dubbed 'The Unsigned Vibe" contest in Calgary, the powers that be at VIBE were so impressed with what Hendrick has produced that they bucked up and sent him to Canadian Music Week to represent the station and the contest at a major live showcase.

Once Hendrick landed in Toronto with his sax and a stack of promotional copies of his 'Bout Time' disc, the dominoes just kept falling in his favour.

"The show was held at The Opera House in Toronto. They named the night Urban Flowcase, over 1500 people attended, and they gave me a 20 minute slot," says Hendrick, who rubbed shoulders with acts like Rascalz and Jully Black.

The next confidence booster came a day later at a Canadian Music Week listening session directed at urban artists. The panel included heavyweights from Def Jam, Virgin and BMG records as well as Wayne Williams from FLOW FM.

"I tossed a copy of 'Bout Time' in the bin and it was the first one to be pulled out and critiqued. Every member of the panel had nothing but complimentary things to say and Pete Farmer from the L.A. Virgin office looked at the audience and said,'This is hot, hot, hot'"

The track in question was 'Dance With Me'. FLOW's Williams echoed the comments from the rest of the panel and then two days later reiterated his initial response by adding the track to the station's rotation list.

As of this past weekend 'Dance With Me' had moved into medium rotation, which translates to more than 20 spins a week.

"In the space of a few hours, I went from nobody in Toronto knowing me to getting regular play on the biggest urban station in the nation. It's opened a lot of doors and labels are taking interest. There's talk of a couple tracks ending up on a nationally distributed compilation and Spek from Dream Warriors wants to work with me."

Now isn't it 'bout time the vocalist, instrumentalist, and producer get some airplay in his hometown? - Edmonton Journal

"Michael Baisden on Jeff Hendrick and his album 'Soul Celebration'"

"I'm so impressed by his work...we've never had an artist that we've had a CD from that we just loved so many songs, so consecutively" - The Michael Baisden Show

"Using His Vibe To Open Minds"

Soul music. Calgary. One might think that the two are incompatible, but hey, if hip hop and contemporary R & B can make it in this town, then why can't soul?

Jeff Hendrick is not only asking this question, he is ready to prove that the music-loving masses in Calgary (and Western Canada, for that matter) are due for real soul music. His upcoming album, Soul Celebration, embodies everything a contemporary-sounding album of this genre should be – it’s catchy, hummable and radio-friendly – without resorting to the gimmicky beats or fake attitudes dominating the landscape of today's mainstream music.

"I'm the result of artists like The Commodores, Doobie Brothers, a lot of that blue-eyed soul, and the Motown stuff," says Hendrick.

"I pay homage to the legends of soul, but I don't feel that I'm anywhere near on par with those artists. I don't allude to being anybody but a guy who grew up in Edmonton and is passionate about soul music."

The move from Edmonton to Calgary last year has been a positive one for Hendrick since winning the 2004 Unsigned Vibe contest from Vibe FM. With this prize, he built up his home studio and produced Soul Celebration on his own, although he admits it would have been nice to bring in some bigger names to help with the record.

"I would love to pay Quincy Jones $75,000 or something to do a track, but the price was too exorbitant and wasn't worth it. I wanted to think long-term about how to make (the winnings) last, so my home studio was something I think was the right thing to do."

Ironically enough, the hardest part of making soul music in Western Canada is maintaining the soul aspect in the music. As Hendrick explains, the powers that be in the music industry think only in terms of current trends.

"Often, the response from the mainstream is that my music is not punchy enough or that it's not controversial enough. It's very difficult to compete in a world of songs that are very overproduced, and subject matter is limited, at best. You deal with a whole side of the industry that wants to tell you, 'Yeah, but if you want to make it, and if you want to wake up poolside in Los Angeles, you are going to have to adapt with the trends.'

"I'm all for adapting, but on the other hand, you can't be penalized for coming into the music with a certain sincerity."
- FFWD Magazine Calgary - Oct 13, 2005

"Celebrate Local Soul"

Artist Wants To Change Minds

Jeff Hendrick considers himself something of a pioneer. “But not in an egotistical way,” the local Soul and R&B artist is quick to say.

There’s nothing egotistical about it, it’s just a fact. - we live in a city where country and rock rule, and even indie rock and folk get more than their share of ear-time.

And Hendrick, who’s spent years performing and promoting his talents around the globe, is attempting to - and should - change perceptions, both in and outside of Calgary.

“Canada is certainly not the easiest market for me to be doing what I’m doing - it’s an uphill battle for any Soul and R&B artist,” admits Hendrick, who releases his new CD Soul Celebration with a show with his band tonight at The Whiskey.

“Especially, well, I’m a proud Albertan but it’s an uphill fight when you’re dealing with Toronto. You sometimes don’t get the look you maybe should…Sometimes you call people up and the minute you say ‘I’m in Calgary’ you just know that you’re up against the wall because the assumption is you can’t be doing anything that great, especially on the Soul and R&B side.”

That said, Hendrick’s new CD is a direct result of the support he has received from the city – it was recorded using the monetary and resource prizes he won from the Unsigned Vibe competition run by Calgary’s Vibe 98.5.

With ‘Soul Celebration’, the musician has delivered 10 slickly self-produced R&B cuts – including one with former Dream Warriors member Spek – which sound at home along Major Label acts on VIBE or anywhere else around the world.

In fact, he’s all ready received e-mails and requests for the new disc from as far away as Europe and Asia from people who’ve heard one of the several singles all ready released from the disc.

“It may be just a few CD’s but the fact that people know you and have heard about you, and the music that you’re making essentially in your home studio in Calgary is resonating with someone over in the Netherlands is kind of a cool feeling,” he says.

But again, cooler still would be to resonate with people in his own region – people, he thinks, who should take pride in what they have and embrace it first before exporting it enthusiastically.

He points to Remy Shand and what he accomplished with the backing of an entire city as to what he’d like to see here.

“I think Winnipeg deserves a lot of credit for why (Shand) is there and why there about 12 artists that have record deals out of Winnipeg.” He says. “I think the mentality we have in Edmonton and Calgary is ‘Well, artists that we know and love come from other places and in Winnipeg the mentality is ‘We kick (butt) and we’re going to take it to the country’…Some of the best musicians on the planet, I think, live in Edmonton and Calgary, but it’s just a matter of the public knowing it.”

“Even with the prize I won through VIBE, most people don’t realize that I’m local – they think that I’m an American artist. That’s kind of a compliment in one way – they think that the production is really good – but on the other hand it’s kind of scary in the sense that it doesn’t resonate with people that something good can necessarily come from their hometown.”
- Calgary Sun - Oct 14, 2005

"Jeff Hendrick - Soul Celebration"

"This lovely little album threatens to be to 2006 what Will Wheaton's 'Old School Soul' was to 2005. That's to say the year's perfect modern soul set." - Blues & Soul - United Kingdom

"Jeff Hendrick - Soul Celebration"

“Like many artists, Jeff Hendrick struggles to make a name for his self in the hard-nosed music world, but I am really impressed with his material. I would say that this album is even better than the last: the crossover pop-soul feel is there, without detracting from its appeal to the serious soul man. The album is quite obviously aimed at the dance floor. I can’t tell you how good this is.” - Mark Randle - Modern Musings UK

"Jeff Hendrick - Soul Celebration"

“Every so often an album arrives that elevates itself above the yawning sameness of contemporary R&B. Soul Celebration by Calgary's Jeff Hendrick is this year's contender. Hendrick wrote and produced the album which is already a favourite among soul headz in Canada and Europe, currently sitting in the #1 spot on the UK's Solar Radio Sweet Rhythm chart. The title track can rock a dance floor, but other cuts like Old School Party, You're All I Ever Wanted and She's So Sexy are groovy head nodders too.
Sa-weeet. Soulful Gold medal for Canada.
- Jude Kelly - Word Magazine Canada

"Jeff Hendrick - Soul Celebration"

“Canadian singer, keyboard and sax playing Jeff Hendrick releases an outstanding modern soul album which far exceeds expectations from his debut 'Bout time' from a couple of years ago. Strong album throughout that will appeal to modern soul crowd and win him many new fans.” - Soul Brother Records UK

"Jeff Hendrick - Soul Celebration"

"I was, on the strength of his debut CD, really looking forward to this sophomore set. I have not been let down or disappointed in any way at all. In fact, I think it is actually stronger and consistent than his previous album – and if you remember I really liked that set!!! Again, Jeff is unapologetically positive in his music making; happy, up-tempo boogie tunes that should get the heart swelling, the feet tapping and the smile spreading on your face. Jeff is blue-eyed soul of the highest calibre and any doubting Thomas out there should be silenced by "Soul Celebration". Mainstream R&B seems very serious and dark to me, and has no warmth, no heart and definitely no soul. Jeff has enough of this in abundance, and I promise that his work will put faith back into real soul music for you. For those who are unaware of his type of groove, think late 70s / early 80s with a modern flourish a la Zhané "Groove Thang" or "Saturday Night". In other words – essential!!!! There has already been a wealth of great music released in 2006 – this set definitely rates as one of my choice releases so far!" - Barry Towler - Soul Express Finland

"Jeff Hendrick - Soul Celebration"

"This album is already getting big plays in the UK and it is easy to see why. It is perfectly suited to the UK’s Modern Soul idiom, and several tracks fall into this category, instantly appealing, dancehall friendly. Tracks like Celebrate, Old School Party, I Just Wanna Dance, Summertime, You're All I Ever Wanted, She's So Sexy are all excellently produced and contain some fine sax work. It is an enjoyable album, instant and feel good."

- Mike Ashley - Life And Soul Promotions UK


Bout Time - Debut CD released 2003
Soul Celebration - Sophmore CD released 2005 (Canada), 2006 (USA)
Color Blind - 2010



Canadian born R&B and Soul artist Jeff Hendrick is no stranger to success. Since first hitting the stage at the age of seven, the accomplished singer/songwriter has emerged as one of his homelands brightest young music prospects. Deeply rooted in the R&B and Pop influences of artists like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Prince, and Michael Jackson, Hendricks smooth vocal offerings often conjure up images of Philly soul rather than the Canadian prairies. His mature and dynamic stage presence has captured fans both locally and nationally, and his other talents as a saxophonist and keyboard player have truly made him a unique musical entity.

As a youngster in rural Alberta, Jeff performed classical and jazz music as a vocalist, pianist, and saxophone player and was recognized both locally and nationally with numerous performance awards. Early in his musical career, Jeff’s father brought home R&B and Pop recordings from artists like The Commodores, The Doobie Brothers, and Stevie Wonder, and a deep affinity for the genre was born. After completing a Jazz Performance Degree (Saxophone) at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Jeff returned to Edmonton to make his singing and songwriting dreams a reality.

After a two year stint honing his chops in legendary local Latin funk band Maracujah!, Jeff set out performing around town with his own band and unique brand of urban flavored soul and pop. The local response was overwhelming, and Jeff soon started recording his first solo demo CD. Jeff wrote, produced, and performed all the material on the demo, and made several trips to New York to meet with record companies and publishers. In March of 1998, Jeff finished fourth out of four hundred entries the CBC Alberta song contest for his song "Feel Like Starting Over". The same song receives local air play on FM radio to this day.

In June of 1998, Jeff was nominated for an Alberta Recording Industry Award in the Soul/Rhythm and Blues category, and in July of that same year he and his band opened for Sony recording artists The Philosopher Kings at the Edmonton International Jazz Festival. Jeff has performed as a headliner at almost every Edmonton venue, including a memorable shared billing with local music legend and Order of Canada Senator Tommy Banks at the Winspear Centre.

1999 brought more musical successes for Jeff as he performed over eight times at the Edmonton International Jazz Festival, including a stellar opening set for Chicago’s Liquid Soul. During the festival, Jeff was the local host of a segment of "Impressions", a weekly Jazz show on Washington, DC based cable channel BetOn! Jazz. Between September 1999 and April 2000 Jeff resided in Los Angeles where he quickly made an impression both on the stage and off. Jeff has headlined at famous Los Angeles clubs like The Roxy Theatre on Sunset Blvd. and B.B. Kings Restaurant & Bar at Universal Studios. Jeff also had the opportunity to meet and work with established L.A. based artists like Brian McKnight and All 4 One.

Other career highlights include performances on the Much Music Video Awards, a tour to Paris, France, and performances at all the major Canadian Jazz Festivals. In June of 2000 Jeff was a winner in the CBC P2K Songwriting Contest and a live set of his music was recorded for a CD and radio broadcast. Jeff and his band also opened for BMG recording artists Jacksoul at the 2000 Edmonton and Calgary International Jazz Festivals.

Jeff's official debut CD 'Bout Time' was released on November 30th, 2002 and quickly enjoyed incredible international success with commercial radio play across Canada, as well as stations in the UK, France, and Germany. Independent sales came from as far away as Japan, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, the UK, and Germany. Jeff’s track ‘Fine-Late Night Hang’ was licensed to UK Soul Label Café de Soul in 2003 for their fourth compilation album entitled ‘Café de Soul Volume 4’. The compilation has received rave reviews and strong sales worldwide. A tour of the UK in September 2003 saw Jeff perform at legendary London venues like the Jazz Café, 10 Rooms, Café de Paris, and Royal Festival Hall, as well as Baby Blue in Liverpool.

Jeff released his sophomore album ‘Soul Celebration’ on October 18th, 2005. Singles ‘Celebrate’, ‘Old School Party’ (featuring the lyrical wizardry of Canadian hip hop icon Spek), and ‘Summertime’ enjoyed strong radio play in Canada, The US, the UK and Japan.

The album received considerable airplay, rave reviews, soul chart success, and strong sales in the UK and all of Europe. It held the number one position on the Solar Radio 'ECHOES SWEET RHYTHM CHART' for four straight weeks and made its BBC 1xtra debut on SOUL POWER with DJ B. It was also a top seller at 2 Funky Records in Leicester, UK. Distribution was secured in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Japan, and the USA.

In Canada, 'Soul Celebration' climbed to the number 1 position on Galaxie Digital Radio's Urban Adult chart i