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Nothing's Like The Movies

Written By: Jeff Hourmouzis

Nothing’s Like The Movies

Sometimes I feel like I’m the center of attention
It’s beyond my comprehension
The real big screen’s right here
It seems like I’m the star of my own mystery
And every clue you save for me
Makes my problems reappear

So for tonight’s attraction,
Cue all lights, camera, action,
And forget everything you know, cause’
Nothing’s like the movies

There’s no such thing as a happy ending
Some think there is, but they’re just pretending
The hero always takes the fall
The show is welcome to you all

The story grabs you and it takes you by the wrist
The plot reveals a twist
Will this turn out for the good?
Sometimes I still feel like I draw all the attention
I swear it’s not my intention
It’s just like Hollywood

I’m sure, you’ll see
The spotlight shining on me
Picture, this scene
The cast is just you and me
Just you and me
It’s just you and me