jeff humphrey trio

jeff humphrey trio

 Kearny, New Jersey, USA

With clever lyrics, quick wit, engaging style reminiscent of Dylan, Young and Barrett, and lo-fi aesthetic of GBV, Sebadoh and Pavement, NJ songwriter Jeff Humphrey, with the help of some new and old friends who flesh out the songs live in beautiful and strange ways. New motto: more sleigh bell.


Jeff Humphrey is a native of North Jersey who has been writing and performing music since the late eighties. His early adolescence was spent digesting the records of your typical epiphany dispensing artists such as John Lennon, Syd Barrett and David Bowie. Then when the eighties kissed into the nineties, Humphrey discovered the great songwriters of his generation like J.Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. Paul Westerberg of The Replacements and Steve Wynn of the Dream Syndicate and started to write songs here and there. When the home recordings of everymen like Rob Pollard of Guided by Voices and Lou Barlow of Sebadoh started to trickle out on vinyl a little while after, it made it more than apparent that Jeff could lay down the crazy sounds in his head right there in the attic without the interference of some uncaring engineer in some crappy studio somewhere in Parsippany.

Wanting to take the music out of the house and in front of the eyes and ears of the people, Humphrey formed the long-running Jeff Humphrey Trio in 1993. In the bands’ initial formation, they regularly played venues such as Maxwell’s in Hoboken opening for the likes of Seam, Rye Coalition, Ted Leo and many others. A few seven inch EP’s and a full length CD were released on a few indie labels at the time; the most notable label being Troubleman Unlimited, a label that became synonymous with hipness later on into the nineties and beyond.

Since then, Jeff continues to play music anywhere and everywhere he can in the same way he did in the early nineties despite what fashions and styles dictate. But that’s not to say he’s stuck in a musical rut or anything such as that. Much like his influences listed above, Jeff Humphrey plays a sound that is timeless, affective and as catchy as the flu in a kindergarten class room. Here’s to hoping you can catch the fever… (bio by Tony Rettman)

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Ship Captain Crew

Written By: Jeff Humphrey

If she...

If I break my heart again I promise that I'll sail away the way that sailors do I'll drown the captain and the crew

But if I find the hull too strong they'll bind me to the wheel and set a course to land of course and then we'll go back out to sea

But there's no northern star when skies are dark
I burned the map to keep us warm

And if we reach a magic land where sirens sing their songs like mellotrons and john and paul and george and even marvin gaye

I'll stay and sing my songs with them and then they'll eat my face and heart and soul but then my ghost will stay and make them miso soup

When there's nothing left to eat they'll suggest rats and even dogs but never cats

And if I break my heart again I promise that I'll sail away the way the way that ships will do I'll drown the captain and the crew


Wig 7" ep 1995 on Troubleman Unlimited

Jeff Humphrey Trio White 7" ep 1996 on Troubleman Unlimited/Auto-Stop

On Top of the House 7" ep 1996 on Cuts Like Drugs Label

No Fun Camp CD/LP 1997 on Lotus Sound Label

Sleepwalkaway ep 2010 on tubecat label