Jeff Jeffers

Jeff Jeffers

 Riverside, California, USA

Jeff is known as the "Married and Miserable" guy. He got married at 25, got fat at 30, adopted 3 kids at 40, and became miserable at 50. Since then he has lost over 170 lbs but gained a new life. Some call him an M&M because he’s got a hard shell with a soft center. He looks like a 50 year old godfather but has the energy of a 20 year old. Jeff's comedy reflects his weight loss, the tribulations of being happily chained to his wife of 3 years and the challenges of raising a disabled son. Find


Known as the "Married and Miserable" guy, Jeff Jeffers has an interesting background. He earned a BA in Music at 22, married at 25, got fat at 30, eventually topping 433 lbs! In their late 30's Jeff and his wife adopted Lisa, Tamara and Scott. Think of Jeff's parenting experience as a blend of the Movie "The Parent Trap" and "Simon Birch" as the girls are identical twins and Scott has Cerebral Palsy. Jeff and Colleen have been married for 33 years.
By the time Jeff was nearing 50, the stress of business, debt, family, and health problems from obesity made Jeff a miserable guy. Then Jeff took the bull by the horns, had weight loss surgery (lost 173 lbs!), changed his business, paid his debts and started making people laugh about the crazy things in life. Jeff's comedy is about growing up with an alcoholic parent, losing weight, marriage, money, raising girls and a disabled son, work stress, and having a 20 something brain in a 50 something body.
Jeff is a big guy who looks like a godfather but tells jokes so funny you can't refuse to laugh. Like an M&M with a hard shell and a soft center, let Jeff's humor melt in your heart. 
Jeff is Co-Founder of The Comedy Geniuses, has performed Standup Comedy or produced Comedy Shows for Non-profit groups, Alumi organizations and corporations such as Borders Group Inc., Tremco, PCA and others. Jeff performs frequently in Comedy Clubs, Theatres and other Venues.
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Set List

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Drunk Dads (living with an alcoholic parent
Losing Weight (Weight loss surgery)
Jerks never ask if they're Jerks
Marriage & Family
Becoming a Senior
Raising a Disabled Child