Jeff Jensen Band

Jeff Jensen Band

 Santa Clarita, California, USA

This is a young, passionate band that plays a mix of blues, rock, country, and soul. The band always makes things interesting and fun by playing a combination of traditional blues as well as their ‘out of the box’ originals; the band’s performances are always explosive and memorable.


The Jeff Jensen Band is now on over 150 radio stations around the United States as well as stations in Denmark, England, Canada, Australia, Germany, Argentina, Belgium and many more to come.
Now signed to Swing Suit Records the Jeff Jensen Band is extensively touring the West-Coast and surrounding states. The band has helped raise over $3.7 MILLION for the American Cancer Society, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Write 4 Hope, the Blues Foundation, and many Blues Societies around the country.


The Jeff Jensen Band was formed May of 2004. Since then, the band has performed hundreds of gigs. Some of the most impressive have been with Deborah Coleman, Paul Oscher, and blues legend BB KING as part of his 80th birthday tour. The band has competed in the International Blues Challenge in 2005 representing the Santa Clarita Blues Society, 2006 representing the Pinetop Perkins Blues Society, once again in the 2007 IBC representing Santa Clarita Blues Society. Now the band is touring 20-27 dates a month around the West-Coast and surrounding states.

“Self Titled”

Self Titled” is the Jeff Jensen Band’s first album. Released March 31, 2007. This album contains 10 original songs composed primarily by Jeff Jensen and Nate LaPointe, and 3 blues standards.

Produced by Jeff Jensen and Nate LaPointe, “Self Titled” demonstrates this young bands ability to respect tradition while showing impressive originality and creativity. This is a fun album with humorous and playful songs like “Cat Song”, and “Driving Wheel”; it has passionate down home blues like “Damn Fine Woman”, and “Fine Myself All Alone”; Out of the box originals like “I Fell”, “Can’t Believe We’re Through” and “Something In The Water” and great hooks with “Here I Come Again”, and “Something About You”. It really has something for everyone, a multi-genre blues album.


Something in the Water

Written By: Jeff Jensen, Nate LaPointe


Something About You

Written By: Jensen

This might seem crazy since I can’t explain
But everyone the see's you wants to know your name
There’s just something about you and here’s how it goes
It’s not superficial, it’s just the way your soul shows.
There is not one man in this whole place,
Who doesn’t dream of awaking next to your face.
There’s just something about you, and everybody knows,
It’s not superficial, it’s just the way your soul shows.

It’s not the way you walk that casts spells like these
It’s not that you’re irresistible, or some kind of tease.
It is what it is and baby here’s how it goes,
It’s just the way your soul shows

You might think I’m foolish or perhaps telling lies,
But it’s apparent in every man’s eyes
You don’t lead people on, you’re as honest as can be
Your intentions are true, so baby can’t you see.
There’s just something about you, and everybody knows,
It’s not superficial, it’s just the way your soul shows.


2005 - "EP" - Feel Alrigh, Can't Believe Were Through, Here I come Again

2007 - "Self Tiltled" There are 10 original songs and 3 blues standards of this LP. Out of the 13 songs Every one is getting radio play around the world.

Set List

We play alot of oringinal songs. Blues, rock, country, soul, funk. Every thing with soul and it always feels great. we have fun and always make sure our fans are happy!

A typical set could be 30-90 min. depending on the venue/gig. We can easily play 4 hour gigs as well as a powerful and entertaining one set shows (30-90min).