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Jeff Jensen Band

Santa Clarita, California, United States | SELF

Santa Clarita, California, United States | SELF
Band Blues Rock


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"I Just want my Cat back"

"A week ago, I saw the Jeff Jensen Band perform at the Blue Café in Long Beach. For those of you who haven't seen them perform, they are a five piece blues band with energy to spare, rapidly maturing talent, and a true sense of the blues beyond their relatively youthful demographics. But I want to be clear -- they are a modern blues band, not just a group of talented kids reverentially covering iconic blues standards; their sets are complete with original compositions, re-thought standards, straight eighth's as well as swung eighth's, tasteful allusions to SRV as well as dead on blues. But perhaps most engaging is their sense of showmanship and musical interaction. The interplay between Jensen's Telecaster and LaPointe's Strat layered over and around Clover's piano, sets the stage, while Jensen's bigger voice and LaPointe's more raspy but convincing vocals provide a rich texture that does not allow over familiarity with any one sound or style.

Since I used the phrase "…rapidly maturing talent," let me add that I first saw the Jeff Jensen Band perform in Fall 2004 in the Santa Clarita Valley Blues Society's 1st annual Battle of the Blues Bands. I was one of three judges covering six bands, the winner of which would go to Memphis to compete in the IBC. The Jeff Jensen Band won the competition over seasoned and talented competition and went on to Memphis. I next saw them perform a year later (Oct. 22nd) at Cozy's in Sherman Oaks where I judged the 2nd Annual Battle of the Blues Bands. After seeing them perform for the third time at the Blue Café December 17th, their growth is clear. They are tight first rate performers. Jeff Jensen's guitar work and stage presence should be seen and heard."

Richard Celsi - Web Review

"Album Review"

THE JEFF JENSEN BAND Self Titled Self-produced Based in Santa Clarita, the Jeff Jensen Band features blues the way it’s supposed to be: firm in the grasp of tradition while offering a fresh voice that can be enjoyed by any audience. Lead singer Jensen interprets original songs with authority and dishes out several covers convincingly. His band revels in this blues arena with trademark walking bass, rhythmic back beat, fiery guitar licks, piano and organ romps, and the kind of vocals that stick you in the heart. It’s meat and potatoes time, and Jensen makes sure that we get a belly full. Juke Logan guests on “Sugar Sweet” with a poignant harp presence that injects an energetic shot that comes on like adrenaline. George Pandis guests on flugelhorn for “Something About You,” driving with the band on a swinging number that turns a little bit country, a little bit rock & roll. Michael Fell lends his harmonica to “Rock This House,” providing a guest shot that sizzles with a “rock around the clock” jive sensation. Michael Jensen provides a guest shotgun blast to end “Here I Come Again,” reminding us of all the great stories that blues is meant to tell. Jensen’s lead vocals and fiery guitar licks are supported for the most part by partner Nate LaPointe (vocals and guitar), Bill Ruffino (bass), Chuck Gullens (drums) and Jamieson Trotter (piano and organ). This first album is a sure-fire winner, and quite naturally beckons the start of a long and rewarding career that’s steeped in tradition while offering this southern California sound to a wider audience.

Jim Santella - Southland BLUES Mag (Apr 1, 2007 - Southbland Blues Mag.

"Phoenix Blues Society Review"

For those of you who have never been to the IBC in Memphis, it’s a trip that everyone should make one time. I’ve been a venue coordinator for the Blues Foundation for the last several years in part because of bands like Jeff Jensen’s. The first year they came to compete they checked in early, stayed all night, played their butts off and supported everyone like true gentleman. The energy of IBC is contagious and I’m glad to see that they’ve finally released their first cd, The Jeff Jensen Band (self-titled).

Notes from Jeff’s telecaster kick off the party as he tells us about his latest girlfriend in “Sugar Sweet”. Juke Logan lends his harmonica talents to this song with a wicked harp solo as Jeff extols the virtue of this girl, “Well it aint no surprise…she’ll serve me breakfast in bed…manicure my nails…scratch dandruff from my head…she’s my baby…what a treat!” Its better treatment than Jeff probably deserves but hey, I’m not knocking it. Nate LaPointe takes the vocal lead on the next cut, “I Fell”. It seems all these boys do is fall in and out of love and Nate’s got it bad. “I was holding back on what I felt, all night long…I fell; I fell for that girl”. It ended badly but the boy was definitely in l-o-v-e, love!

“Damn Fine Woman” slows down the tempo while Jeff speaks on the woman in his life. “I got a damnfine woman: we talk at least ten times a day on the phone…if she don’t come back here soon…I’m gonna have to fine that woman and make her place, my new home!” An inspired guitar solo underscores Jeff’s desire to have this woman back soon and it’s obvious what he’ll do if she doesn’t return. I must admit I’m at a loss on the next cut, “Cat Song”, written by Nate LaPointe. I get the fact his wife left him & she took the cat with her but Nate, if it ain’t a dog…it aint worth fighting for!! Nuff said!

“Something About You” speaks to the it factor that’s hard to define some days in the people we might. That definite spark is different for each one we encounter and that’s what Jeff is telling us, “It’s not that you’re irresistible or some kind of tease…it is what it is and baby here’s how it goes…it’s just the way your soul shows!” The flugelhorn solo by George Pandis is appreciated and I like Jamison Trotter’s piano work as well. This is probably my favorite song on the record. The tempo picks back up on the next Jensen original, “Feel Alright”. Jeff’s tele is screaming notes as Nate deftly counters with some excellent guitar work of his own, “Come on baby don’t fuss or fight…you know I’m only gonna to treat your right!”

Nate steps back to the microphone to tell us, “That’s What Love Will Make You Do”. “I don’t want to brag about you too much…giving others ideas…trying hard to express myself…cause baby that’s the way I feel…that’s what love will do for you…that’s what love will make you do!” “Find My Self All Alone” has Jeff in a funk pondering some of the pitfalls life has brought him. “But in the end so many nights, Lord I just find myself…always seem to find myself. Always seem to find myself all alone!” Tom Ryan’s organ work stands out on this cut and the guitar solo by Jeff poignantly underscores the depression he feels. Better days are ahead.

Another relationship gone badly rears its ugly head on, “Can’t Believe We’re Through”. “But you always got one foot out the door…you want to fight…I say what for…the repetition is such a bore…I can’t believe we’re through”. Considering all that’s gone on in this relationship…she’s better off gone and Jeff’s better off alone. Nate’s woman has found another man to run off with and we find him loaded for bear in “Here I Come Again”. “Got a shotgun in my left hand…whiskey bottle in my right…well I’m headed down to New Orleans searching out the man who done me wrong…whiskey bottle empty…shotgun smoking slow and strong”. This ended badly for the man who stole Nate’s woman and the shotgun firing at the end of the song is a nice, emphatic touch to his demise.

“Driving Wheel” is a tribute to everyday partying & playing, something Jeff and most of the band are noted for. “Sometimes I drink…and then I drive…I guess it’s just the Good Lord still keeping me alive!” The band closes out their record with an up tempo version of the Jimmy Rodgers classic, “Rock This House” and end with a self-penned instrumental, “Something in the Water”. “Something in the Water” highlights the other side of the Jeff Jensen Band, these guys are very good musicians who can play a variety of styles and they know how to have a good time.

I’ve known Jeff and the band for going on four years now and I find this record is a good reflection of their tastes and the diversity of their backgrounds. They’ve played together a long time which is evident in how tight this record is and they’re not afraid to take chances, which is good. I ran into Jeff down in the Delta at Hopson’s in May and I appreciated the fact that he took three weeks out of his summer to really explore what Willie Dixon calls “the roots” of the blues. I’m sure some of the lesson’s that Jeff learned will make their presence felt in the next record and all I can say is “bring it on”. I’ll be waiting. This first record is very good and I’m sure the next one will be better!

Kyle (Pres. Phoenix Blues Society) - Blues Bytes (Aug 15, 2007) - Blues Bytes


2005 - "EP" - Feel Alrigh, Can't Believe Were Through, Here I come Again

2007 - "Self Tiltled" There are 10 original songs and 3 blues standards of this LP. Out of the 13 songs Every one is getting radio play around the world.



The Jeff Jensen Band is now on over 150 radio stations around the United States as well as stations in Denmark, England, Canada, Australia, Germany, Argentina, Belgium and many more to come.
Now signed to Swing Suit Records the Jeff Jensen Band is extensively touring the West-Coast and surrounding states. The band has helped raise over $3.7 MILLION for the American Cancer Society, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Write 4 Hope, the Blues Foundation, and many Blues Societies around the country.


The Jeff Jensen Band was formed May of 2004. Since then, the band has performed hundreds of gigs. Some of the most impressive have been with Deborah Coleman, Paul Oscher, and blues legend BB KING as part of his 80th birthday tour. The band has competed in the International Blues Challenge in 2005 representing the Santa Clarita Blues Society, 2006 representing the Pinetop Perkins Blues Society, once again in the 2007 IBC representing Santa Clarita Blues Society. Now the band is touring 20-27 dates a month around the West-Coast and surrounding states.

“Self Titled”

Self Titled” is the Jeff Jensen Band’s first album. Released March 31, 2007. This album contains 10 original songs composed primarily by Jeff Jensen and Nate LaPointe, and 3 blues standards.

Produced by Jeff Jensen and Nate LaPointe, “Self Titled” demonstrates this young bands ability to respect tradition while showing impressive originality and creativity. This is a fun album with humorous and playful songs like “Cat Song”, and “Driving Wheel”; it has passionate down home blues like “Damn Fine Woman”, and “Fine Myself All Alone”; Out of the box originals like “I Fell”, “Can’t Believe We’re Through” and “Something In The Water” and great hooks with “Here I Come Again”, and “Something About You”. It really has something for everyone, a multi-genre blues album.