Jeff Kanzler

Jeff Kanzler


From understated tunes to rock n roll, Jeff may have you waltzing one minute and stomping the next. All original music that weaves across the boundaries of Americana, British pop, R&B, Country Folk and straight out Springsteenesque arena rock. Great music and a great show.


bob dylan, the beatles, hank williams, makers mark, growing up in the rain and trees of the pacific northwest, falling in love, falling out of love, sleeping outside, swimming holes, hot springs, good friends, good food, good music...



Written By: Jeff Kanzler

Oh, Angelina
Sadly you have wasted here so long
Hanging on a question, you were stranded...
Waiting on a ship already gone.

Oh, were there answers
anytime those letters crossed the sea
carried 'cross the ocean like a baby...
carried on the water and the breeze?

Oh, Angelina, this was trouble from the start.
and those northern winds might make the mountains spin...

but they never pushed your head any closer to your heart.


Black Top Road, released in 2007 received extensive airplay in US and Europe (reaching #4 on the Euroamericana Playlist chart) and rave reviews (see press). Crcked Country Living, from that album, was a track selected for the BBC Scotland compilation album, "Now That's Americana!"

Set List

Sets can range from a 20 minute opening act to a 3 hour rock and roll show of all original music with the occasional cover for good measure. The band has 60+ original songs ready to perform.