Jeff Karoub

Jeff Karoub

 Dearborn, Michigan, USA

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Made by Motown

Written By: Jeff Karoub

One grandfather came downstate
The other across the sea
Both took a shot at achieving their dreams
By assembling Model Ts

Five thousand parts and five bucks a day
It was tough yet enough to take home
Still the best thing they built was not by their hands
But the foundation for those yet to come

For better or worse
And we've seen much of both after a century
I'm still proud to say that they helped to make Motown
And Motown helped to make me

My father found music his way out of the plants
With so many places to play
There was Olympia and Orchestra Hall
And Motown's famed Studio A

He had midnight sessions and chart-topping sides
The horn that you hear on 'Grapevine'
From Marvin to Stevie the Supremes and The Tops
It was one groovin' assembly line


I'm blessed to be writing and playing my songs
The product of hard-working kin
But sometimes I feel like the unlikely child
Of Henry Ford and Aretha Franklin

Chorus (twice)