Jeff King

Jeff King

 Littleton, Colorado, USA

Jeff performs acoustic rock classics and original music as a solo artist and with his band, Cut to the Chase. This group of experienced professionals provide rich harmonies to balance Jeff's powerful lead vocals.


Jeff has been performing in the Denver area for over 25 years, as a solo singer/songwriter and as a member of two of the areas most popular a cappella groups. His talented band has performed in operas and symphonies, theater and rock bands- and it shows in the caliber of their performances.


The Face of God

Written By: Jeff King

In sunshine and in rain, in happiness and in pain

In creatures of the sky and underground, in silence and in sound

In all of these I see the face of God

In victory and in defeat, in every challenge that I meet

In long lonely journeys of the soul, searching for the things that make me whole

In all of these I see the face of God

In a Muslim or a Jew, I look at me when I see you

In a Hindu or a Christian, I see the same mission

To offer of ourselves to another fellow man

You can’t touch the face of God if you don’t reach out your hand

In compassion and in love, in our eternal need to look above

In a newborn baby’s helpless eyes, in her great grandmothers mind so wise

In all of these I see the face of God

In the student and the teacher working hard to make their way

In the choir and the preacher with the congregation pray

In the being and the doing, in the way we choose to live

There is comfort in the knowing that I have myself to give

Persistent Soul

Written By: Jeff King

I have had the feeling like the world is crashing in on me
Would I ever get away or must I suffer endlessly
Deep within a coal is glowing, air and light a flicker brings
From the deepest depths ascending, taking flight on Spirit’s wings
Every beat of the heart is a beat of the rhythm of the life that’s all around
When the heart cries out and no one hears it, it still has made a sound
And the sound is a part of the whole of creation like a wave upon the sea
When the hope is gone I depend upon the persistent soul in me
Deep inside the darkest hours time is ticking just the same
There’s a better day awaiting, it is there for you to claim
When it seems you’ve lost the path and you can’t see just where to turn
Humble to the voice within you, it will guide you on to learn


This One Life- All original, positively-oriented music

Set List

A typical set runs 60-75 minutes, and moves seamlessly from classic and alternative rock (Run-around, Black Water, Roadhouse Blues) through pop favorites (Peaceful Easy Feeling, Walkin' in Memphis, Kiss From a Rose), country and bluegrass (Rocky Mountain High, Howlin' at the Moon), and original music (This One Life, Speak of the Devil).