Jeff Lim

Jeff Lim

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Contemporary ambient compositions. Short, sweet and to the point -- not usually used to describe music written primarily for strings, but once these songs get you, you'll listen to them over and over.


Jeff Lim is a classically trained violinist and a self-taught composer. Through the years, he has taken on other instruments, but when all is said and done, the violin is still his weapon of choice.

"It was a long, self-conscious road to being able to write," Jeff says. For years my family would always say stuff like "what are you playing? Can't you play a whole song? That's not your music!" By "your" they meant someone else's and by "music" they meant something that the world was familiar with. So, whenever Jeff sought refuge from life usual struggles, he came home to battle his inner critics. "One day, when my folks came to visit, my dad says, 'hey, play that song again, did you write that?'" Jeff recalls.
And ever since then, he's been one of my biggest fans.

Jeff says his music just comes to him now. Sometimes he hears it whole and complete in his head and then he rushes to record it or write it down. Not an uncommon story, really -- but beyond that, he doesn't bother questioning where the music comes from.


There are a number of old MP3's listed at, a music blog that Jeff keeps, and also at his account under the band name 4stringdreams.

Set List

No covers, no sets. Jeff rarely does live performances any more, although it is rumored that he is working on a stage show featuring his music where he plays all the parts at the same time . . . something we'll have to wait and see to understand.