Jeff London

Jeff London


A quintessential folk-pop rocker that delivers moody ballads that poetically capture the essence of the everyday. He bundles lyrically bare and self-reflective word puzzles in oddly enchanting steels and strings.


Jeff London, a native New Yorker, recorded his first record in a Eugene Oregon garage with Ben Barnett (KOLS) for Jealous Butcher in 1997. Slowness, released in 1998 on HUSH records, was more dark and restive, and saw him hit his stride. On the third record, Col. Summers Park, the London sound filled out. The team of Adam Selzer's analog production, Chris Funk of the Decemberists on pedal steel and Rachel Blumberg of M. Ward on drums, led to a continuing collaboration. Harms Way, completed in 2003, is a more pastoral album, featuring memorable indie-folk balladry. Three years in the making, 2007's, the Bane of Progress, tells the story of the move back to New York City, the pitfalls of hypermodernity and the cynical state of love in the digital age. Bursting with color and flavor, and featuring the new Norfolk & Western band deconstructed as support, this is the mature realization of the intimate lo-fi sound Jeff pioneered in the late 90's Northwest.



Written By: Jeff London

door ajar bent expression
dimly lit reading room half-assed plan yourfriends appear swollen with innuendos its now or never quit or care
cause they unplug the machine
jump off the see-saw at 33
sayin what use is he, what use is he
better find someone who thinks your useful a decision maker good with her hands
feet on the ground no unsolied shoe soles no feet full of envy no hourglass sands
they unplug the machine...

Barra De Navidad

Written By: Jeff London

catch a lover if you can
gently occupy a space
close to her in the sand
neatly erase the distance between catch the 7:20 bus
watch the people blankly stare
side by side with a mexican girl
a child sleeps as she strokes her hair streaking cross the pass
even the sun makes its move on the clouds
can you hold your heart steady
like a whisper she can hear
face against the glass
charcoal smoke signals town ahead you want to make the pending moment last with the fair haired alaskan girl in barra de navidad

cover your waver with a second coat the repitition means you mean everything thats there
erasing distance stead of moments you let pass away
cover your heart upon your sleeve she drinks with rowdies until dawn
you want to sink in an absinthe haze watch her sleep as you stroke her hair streaking cross the pass
even the sun makes its move on the clouds you want to hold your heart steady, like a whisper she can hear..

On the Ceiling

Written By: Jeff London

lives lived in plastic
dull is the sound
minus emotion
outside the crowd
with your sea salted shrowd
it wasnt you this summer
all smiles handshakes and messages
it was you on the dark docks
convening with the fish
a vain splashing wish
youve been on the ceiling
wouldnt come down
youve been on the ceiling
two timing doubt
to say that old barroom
and the brutes that inhabit
stole your libido
is to admit that you barely had it
you walked in there
she just wanted to know you
and in a sea of fase promising men
you lied in your silence
and pretended to be one of them
youve been on the ceiling..


Uneasy LP Jealous Butcher
Chico, CA COMP Jealous Butcher
Slowness LP HUSH
Deep Clean EP self-released
Col. Summers Park LP HUSH
Home Vol.1 w/ KOLS Post-Parlo
Harm's Way LP HUSH
Bane of Progress LP HUSH (Feb '07)
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Set List

I don't exactly have a typical set list. I often reach back into my catalog. I do a Jackson Browne inspired "These Days" sometimes. I can do Springsteen's "Atlantic City."
My sets are on the short side, around 35. I consider myself a serious musician with a Catskill streak.