Jeff Martini

Jeff Martini


Plays bass like a guitar yet still keeps the groove. Sings like an indie rocker with pitch. Loves dynamics. Will keep you in the sparse and than knock you out with sonic architecture. Live show = Charisma, Charisma, Charisma!


Originally from the suburbs of Washington D.C., Jeff Martini cut his teeth in the underground band scene during his school days at Virginia Tech. Playing Sax and Guitar (and later bass after line up changes) in the touring outfit 'the Thrift Unit'. A live Hip-Hop act with indie rock attitude. Later he would play in the Middle Weight Contenders--“A funky instrumental band that the cool kids came out to see”. Jeff helped form the band that looked to influences such as the meters, grant green and the jb’s. He later helped form the Prime Ministers, a white boy soul/punk rock band that shook rumps in the mountainous region of Blacksburg. Many felt the band was somewhere near the Make-up and Delta 72. When the band moved to NYC, they went through several changes, including an instrumental refinement with nods to the likes of tortoise and the mercury program. All members switching instruments bringing much gear for a four piece (Vibraphone, Electric Pianos/Organs, Guitars, Basses, Saxophones, Trumpets, Drums and even a Bicycle Pump to name a few). One legendary performance at CBGB’s, Tyler Dickson,( formerly of Algebra One and currently with the band Coastal Drag), introduced them as “the band with more instruments than god.” When the band’s run was over, Jeff dusted off the songs he had been secretly working on. Culminating into a release of deepcuts that go well with a cup of coffee and a good friend.



Written By: Jeff Martini

you know it's not on the tv
you know it's not on the radio
if it's not fair to judge them
we just might have to take it slow
cuz downstairs is not waiting for the last supper to re-invent
cuz that's not where it's goin
we just might have to eat again

i'm lookin for a new direction
one that will take me right
cuz when i know which way than maybe i'll be willing to fight

you know it's not on the tv
you know it's not on the radio-than we'll have to get up and go

i've been all stuck in the work day even though it's the weekend. i'm not old enough to say it but it sure seems like the best has past
where's our new leader? one who won't turn us wrong i'm not sure when they'll be here, but i hope she doesn't wait too long.

you know it's not on the tv
you know it's not on the radio - when do we get to see for ourselves.

i'm gettin' tired of the old way. i want to get on the bus and ride. if someone doesn't convince me, than the fence will start to look very nice.

you know it's not on the tv
you know it's not on the radio-i think we have a right to judge them, cuz i haven't heard it right for a while

spaghetti western finale is all my generation can feel. why can't we get better ratings from a better brokered peaceful deal?


Written By: Jeff Martini

action - action
the nail is coming down and the lid closes too fast. be able to say "we did before
it's past"

what i'm tryin' to say to you. is you and me in motion baby. what i'm tryin' to get with you. is you and me in motion baby

action - action - action - action
ain't talkin 'bout your legs baby. all though they look good. yeah i'm talkin' about somethin higher, that's often misunderstood. ain't talkin' about the street smack-up. you know, the needle in your hand. well we may sit today, cuz tomorrow we stand.

well they might burn your house down and that might put you on the floor but you're not allowed to stay there you gotta' get up for more.

well you can hide out in your cave where the monsters won't get in but there's no one to love down there. you're gonna have to put your head out to win with action - action

just a small shift of the sun. to create a winter down here. and just a little gift of grattitude to create warmth for a year. well i held out a candle for you but you could all ready see. what's taken me so long to figure out. i needed one for me.

what i'm tryin to do for me. is get myself in motion baby.


Written By: Jeff Martini

hold your guard down.
put your guard down won't you let me
he used to tape his
eybrows down just to look like you.
could you feel it?
could you feel it when you took that stage?
oh belushi, you made us laugh now you make us cry.
Uh-Oh Oh-Oh-Oh
where have my hero's gone?
well they're all gone.

won't you call me?
won't you find out if i'm ok?
i took the pill that you said would take it away.
could you feel it?
could you hear it when i took that stage?
in the place where john belushi screamed
-- fame.
Uh-Oh Oh-Oh-Oh
where have my hero's gone?
well they're all gone.
they're all gone.


Jeff Martini Self titled release May 2005
itunes/ jeff martini

Set List

Below is a pretty tight 30-35min set including the snippet covers which seem to go over well as ancedotes to the music. Jeff often joke's about his manager, guido balzano, requiring that he play them in order for him to get paid. Playing them on bass adds a level of uniqueness to the tongue-in-cheek moments.

For the most part, sets flow from begining to end with minimal breaks for banter. Jeff looks at performances as putting on a Show as opposed to a chance to tune his guitar and look at his feet. He engages the audience with his high energy dance movements, facial expressions and rapture.

Lastly Jeff does a "coffee house" acoustic bass version of this set for venues that Rock Softly.

1) suzi kyu green (up tempo rump shaker)
2) rich girl (hall & oates snippet cover 1st stanza)
3) Command Z (mid tempo crowd sway)
4) Belushi (down tempo tear jerk)
5) Action! (mid tempo crowd sway)
6) Emotional rescue (rolling stones snippet cover 2 stanza’s)
7) New Style Honky Tonk (up