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Jeff M Dixon

Delavan, Wisconsin, United States

Delavan, Wisconsin, United States
Band R&B Pop




"Jeff M. Dixon releases single “My Baby”"

Jeff M. Dixon, American singer of rhythm n’ blues and modern soul, has released his newest pop single and accompanying video, “My Baby,” to extensive critical acclaim. The track is a standard 3:45 minutes long and features the remarkably powerful, beautiful singing of Jeff Dixon. Dixon’s song “My Baby” is about the pain and regret of a bad decision that results in the loss of true love, and Dixon’s commanding performance on the track makes ignoring his heartfelt emotion impossible. “My Baby” is a song that demands sympathy, pulls heartstrings, and proves once and for all that Dixon is a chanteur par excellence in the company of an elite few male vocalists of our time.

The track’s main attraction for music fans is Dixon, himself – or more accurately, his voice. Jeff M. Dixon sings with the control of a surgeon, the heart of a poet, and the restraint of a zen master. He can land a note with perfect pitch and tone, and float on it with perfect balance for exactly the right amount of time before rising to the next plateau or dropping off without doing so ubruptly. He is never minutely guilty of the terrible modern trend Jerry Wexler once termed ‘oversouling.’ Dixon’s phrasing is largely traditional without being predictable, his chord progressions classy and elegant, his poise masculine without being pretentious or macho, his audible presence delicate without being effeminate.

In the video, which is directed by Sean Babas, California-born Dixon sings from the heart in the streets of a small, North American town, lamenting the loss of his love. The video improves upon the single in that viewers are treated to small glimpses of Dixon’s stage performance, including a very small dance treatment that is a Michael Jackson homage with a dash of Fred Astaire for good measure. While the single is itself more than worth the listener’s price of admission, the video is absolutely necessary for viewing at the Jeff M. Dixon fan’s earliest convenience.

Listeners and viewers alike will agree that Dixon is not putting on airs in the smallest way. He is rather the genuine article. “My Baby” is in itself a declaration of earnest repentance, so easily sympathized with that the listener almost feels as if he or she has stumbled into a private affair. Nevertheless, it is Dixon’s aim that the hearer should know his soul. About his personal honesty, he says, “I learned so much from so many people that when I finally found my own voice and style, I couldn’t be anything else but what I am. It’s real…authentic.”

Music fans can see and hear Jeff M. Dixon’s authenticity in “My Baby” online everywhere beginning January 18, 2013.
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Still working on that hot first release.



Captivating an audience is like breathing to Jeff M. Dixon; he’s been perfecting his craft since age five. His parents recognized early on that he had a natural ability to sing, dance and simply entertain.
Born and raised in Fresno, California, Jeff was exposed to all types of cultures. This afforded him to learn various music styles and dance from Country to R&B, to Pop and Latin to Alternative and Rap. Influenced by some of the greats like Stevie Wonder, Prince, Michael Jackson and Fred Astaire; Jeff’s stage presence would gain him new heights and he never looked back. He took what he learned from all his teachers added his own flavor and till this day his performances sets him apart. He brings the fire and excitement as well as the romantic notions the ladies love.
A live performance also showcases Jeff’s musical gifts as a true musician. He captivates his audience with live guitar leads and keyboard licks. Jeff believes in truly entertaining his fans. It is more than just a song and dance to him, his audience always feels the energy and genuine talent being brought before them. No matter how large or small the venue is, his performances are always intimate, leaving his audience feeling they have been truly entertained.
Jeff is also a true story teller; he doesn't mind discussing any topic through his transparent lyrics coupled with soaring vocals, infectious melodies and energy that keeps his audiences embracing the journey. He has now completed recording his album titled, “Relationships.” In this offering, he is discussing the joys, complications and communication problems people deal with in every relationship. “My Baby,” his first single was released January 18, 2013 and has already resonated with his fans and peers. It’s an honest ballad that’s sure to evoke a real conversation between the sexes; it also hints at his musicianship. With so much more to give, Jeff is ready to deliver his heart and soul to audiences the world over.

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