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Jeff Meleras

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I guess you can call my music singer songwriter folk rock alternative roots music. Most importantly, my music is good.


I have been writing songs for twenty years or so with no great ambition, to tell you the truth. About four years ago or so, I began to realize that my songs, which I always knew to be a cut above, were actually getting better and better all the time. The response I was getting to them from just playin em at parties, around campfires etc.. was truly overwhelming. I formed a band with some friends. We did not do much gigging but recorded a fine unreleased album, and played a few shows. This band broke up, but I had caught the bug.

I had held back my singer songwriting tunes from the band, cause the band needed tempo, and decided I needed to record em. I had no fixed plan, but hooked up with a local engineer producer by the name of Jason Jaknunas who urged me to seriously record em - I was just gonna do them for myself by myself, but he hooked me up with some great musicians who bread great life into the songs. These guys also became my friends, and I took most of them and some others to a cottage for five days in Gatineau last October, and while my first CD was being mastered, I recorded another one live off the floor- I want every new project to be different from the last. We put a few overdubs on this one, and it is now being mastered and getting ready for pressing. I am going to release the first one, "Songs from the Couch", officially in April or May, and the other one, "The cottage Sessions", soon after.

I don't know what sets my music apart from other artists. I don't really think of things in these terms. A good well performed song is a good well performed song, and that is the bottom line. I happen to think in a totally non egotistical way if that is possible that all my songs are good, and some are great. I wanna play em, and share em with other like minded people who love making and listening to music. I dig great songs.

Influences: well, as far as I am concerned the greats are the greats and the greats are Bob Dylan and Neil Young. However, there are an endless amount of people playing great music all over the place, and so my influences are really too many to count and list.

That's about it for now.



Written By: Jeff Meleras

Never heard nothin quite like that roar
Never saw nothin like em waves before
Tried to save em but I guess I got back too late

then I heard what sounded like a million screams
As I looked upon all my hopes and dreams
Dissapearin into such a bitter fate

I'm a Fisherman, wo ho, I'm a Fisherman

And the last thing I remember sayin
To my little boy and girl as I watched them playin
Daddy loves you I'll be back in just a little while

And I looked at them with their trustin eyes
As I kissed my wife for one last time
Who could go on with the memory of their smiles

I'm a Fisherman, wo ho, I'm a Fisherman

But I don't love the sea no more
It brought us life
Now it's bringin us nothin but death
And everone I love is gone
Can't think of one good reason to even draw one more breath

There were piles and piles and piles of debris
Miles of broken homes and battered trees
Everyone was numb with disbelief

And the whole place was upside down
With the scattered bodies of those who drowned
and the wailing crows of the ones who feel the grief

Like me, wo ho,I'm a Fisherman


" Songs from the Couch"
"The Cottage Sessions", coming soon
and so on and so on, no plans to stop

Set List

My songs, with a select few covers, if the mood strikes me. I do a mean version of Dylan's Isis and Neil's For the Turnstiles.