Jeff Meyer

Jeff Meyer


Jeff Meyer music is complete with Origionals, Kenney Chesney,Keith Urban,Jason Aldean and Bon Jovi covers.


It's not every day you get a chance to meet a star. Sure, most of us have been to a concert, and if we're really lucky we may have gotten an autograph, but that’s as far as it usually goes. So it was much to my surprise and pleasure that I got to meet and make friends with this little known musician who’s about to become a star. May I introduce Jeff Meyer, who first came onto the Chattanooga music scene in early 2006. Music is the joy and passion of this humble, kind and talented man. “Being a performer is a lifelong dream,” says the Tennessee valley native. He puts on a charismatic show that leaves the audience wanting more. Meyer’s ambition is to create a new type of country music. “My kind of country mixes both traditional and rock,” says he. The result is both refreshing and addictive. Check out "A little bit of you" for a taste of what Jeff Meyers has contributed to country music. Music has always been in Jeff’s life. Growing up in the church left a lasting impression on him and influenced his choice to pursue country music over other genres. “Many popular rock musicians sing of morality and women in a less than positive light,” Jeff says. “I’d rather not sing songs like that,” he continues. “I’d rather sing songs that speak to people – hit them in the heart and hit them in the head.” He began singing in the church choir when he was just four years old and took his first guitar lesson in seventh grade. From there everything started rolling… he sang every chance he got, and his vocal skills came into their own when he was offered a scholarship after auditioning for Hiawassee College’s choir. Jeff earned a role in the musical “Showboat” and learned a lot during his college years that has helped him today with his live performances and his upcoming E.P., such as the importance of stage presence and keeping the crowd’s attention. “I’m still learning,” he says, always the student. “I’m still watching and learning. I want to continue to grow.” Jeff garners inspiration from other country performers such as Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban. “That’s the kind of entertainer I want to be.” Meyer is currently working with producer Philip Hare, an award-winning producer and arranger. Hare has been involved in the music industry since the mid-eighties. He has toured professionally with several groups as a keyboardist and vocalist, and received or been nominated for several national honors such as "Song of the Year", "Horizon Group of the Year" and “Album of the Year". For his E.P.’s production, Meyer went to Hare and Michael Johnson, an engineer who has worked with several big name bands such as Rolling Stones, Lynard Skynard, Van Halen, and Bon Jovi. I for one can't wait to hear more from this talented rising star!
Meyer has joined the Georgia Country & Gospel Music Association & has won awards with the association such as: C.D. of the year, Song writer of the year and Promising Entertainer of the Year.

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Jeff has a E.P. out.

Set List

We're doing origionals and cover songs. The set is 45 songs which range from Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Montgomery Gentry, Derks Bentley and BonJovi.