Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller


"A total master of the loop/sampling pedal." -Adrian Bischoff, KZSU Miller has been looping for over 10 years, and it's only fitting that his 4th and most-recent full-length album is a live one, recorded right at the 10-year anniversary of his looping days.


Before his freshman year of high school, Jeff Miller decided to sell all of his video games and buy his first guitar. Soon after, songwriting became a passion. He formed a band with two other friends in the Pittsburgh suburb where he grew up. They recorded an album and played numerous shows together.

After high school, Miller was off to Boston’s Berklee College of Music, where he studied Guitar Performance and Songwriting. His plan was to find compatible musicians, and to form another band. That never happened.

A degree from Berklee, a move back home to Pittsburgh, a move to Nashville, and 3 solo albums (and an EP) later, Jeff Miller is still playing music. In fact, he plays over 150 shows a year, touring the east coast and the midwest. His music has received airplay at over 175 stations, in the U.S. and abroad.

His third album, Seesaw, was co-produced by Matt Mangano (Darrell Scott, John Mayer, Dave Barnes), who also played bass on the album. It also features Nick Buda (Edwin McCain, Mindy Smith) on drums and percussion. The Pittsburgh Tribune raves, “Miller’s music is timeless. The songs on Seesaw are infectious delights.”

Miller still hasn’t found a regular band. But that’s fine with him and his listeners. At his live shows, he uses a device to record and loop guitar and vocal parts, creating more sound than many bands do. Using his voice, guitar, hands and feet, he is able to act as each member of a regular band – a singer, guitarist, bassist, even a drummer. You really should see/hear it for yourself.

To mark 10 years of looping, Miller decided that his next album should be a live one. So his 197th show of 2008 was recorded in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. The result is Miller's brand new full-length album, "Can You Hear the Music?". Currently based out of Nashville, he's touring to promote this 77-minute Live CD.


Can You Hear the Music?

1. Can You Hear the Music?
2. Superstition
3. Can't Take it With You
4. Lost in the Crowd
5. Carefree Past
6. I Love You
7. The Infamous Mike Grimes
8. Trying to be Cool
9. Peter
10. Little Things
11. Long-Distance Love Song
12. Conspirators
13. Site for Sore Eyes
14. I've Got to Go
15. Boys


1. Can't Take it With You
2. Seesaw
3. Lost in the Crowd
4. So Much Sorrier
5. The World is Out to Get You
6. Scars
7. Death Row
8. Writing a Book
9. Waiting
10. Come on Back
11. Dawn
12. Long-Distance Love Song

Something Different

1. Something
2. Little Things
3. If You Want Me
4. Many Times I Wonder
5. Watch Out for that Girl
6. Something Else
7. Underground
8. I Love You
9. I Really Enjoy Spending Time With You
10. Tonight
11. Something More
12. Scars
13. The Right Words
14. Coldest Winter
15. Something Different
16. On the Passage of Time
17. I've Got to Go

Trying To Be Cool

1. Friday Night
2. You Can't Fool Me (with that smile)
3. Trying to be Cool
4. Careless Words
5. On the Outside
6. Empty Again
7. Finger on the Pulse
8. Talk of the Town
9. Figure You Out
10. Lights of LA
11. You Can't Fool Me (reprise)
12. Heaven Has Room

(2001, out of print)

1. 1:00
2. Friday Night
3. Many Times I Wonder
4. Underground
5. Figure You Out
6. Can I Follow You?
7. Dawn

Set List

Jeff performs in a wide variety of settings, and has enough material to fill about 4 hours of time. The majority of his shows are about 2 hours long, divided into 2 sets of about 45-50 minutes a piece.