Jeff Mims

Jeff Mims


Jeff Mims has an undeniable energy, sweet rhythms, and a melodic voice that has been embraced worldwide. His style is often grouped with likable artists such as Bilal, Prince, and Anthony Hamilton. Aside from being known to many as a guitar player, Jeff exhibits his singer/songwriter capabilities.


A precocious 5 year old belted out the chorus of The Beatitudes during the recording of The Mims Family, a vinyl album put together by Jeffrey Mims Sr.
At a young age Jeff exhibited both a passion for singing passes down from his father and a love for playing music passed down from both sides of his family. His father Jeffrey Mims Sr. plays guitar and sings. His mother Pamela is a classically trained pianist.
Destiny called Jeff into music on December 9, 1984 when his mother went into labor on the front row at his father's concert.
This country boy, born and raised in Spencer, Oklahoma tried other avenues to find his way like basketball and football. While he explored these avenues including graduating from the University of Oklahoma with B.A. in film and video studies, he never let go of his family's legacy and continued to nurture his raw talent
"Nothing makes me happier than being on stage," he said. "The ambiance of it is so pure."
Mims used his gospel and funk roots to grow his love for music along with such artists as James Brown, Sonny Thompson, Miles Davis, Bob Marley and many others.
Mims let this love for music and guitar evolve him into the well rounded and driven musician he has become today.
He has played in various bands such as, Touch of Love a gospel band where he got his first start playing professionally, the Chosen few and Ice Water an R&B, hip hop and jazz band he plays lead guitar in and co-founded. He has also used his passion and experiences to collaborate with various artists and producers such as George Huff, Joe Torre, Johnny Polygon, Francine Murphy, and many more.
Mims had the honor of playing in the Christopher Wray quartet, which was inducted into the OKlahoma Jazz Hall of Fame, and won the 2006 Legacy Tribute Award. The album "The Way Up" was recorded with world renowned engineer Chris Bell and made it through to the 2007 Grammy award selection process for contemporary jazz album of the year and new solo artist.
Having become a successful and highly respected artist has allowed Mims to always reflect in order to make decisions about his career and future. When asked about the respect that so many of his peers as well as friends and family have for him Mims said:
"I work so hard because I have a social responsibility to all the people who look up to me.....I want to live up to people's expectations. People of all ages have said they admire me, its my duty to be legit."


Where Do We Go From Here

Written By: Jeff Mims

I've come this way before
so you would think
i would know my way

too much pride
to ask for help
tho it seems like
im sure to wreck myself

i can read the signs
its thrity miles from destiny
all my moneys gone
gas hands on E

the weather man says
road gets tough ahead
yet i roll on
but honestly im getting scared

the plan is to still move on
til im there
but honestly im lost

where do we go from here
where do we go from here

the road it gets so lonely
and i feel the weight is on me
but its right now
half the pain i feel
i brought it mostly on me

the road it gets so lonely
and i feel the weight is on me
but its right now
half the pain i feel
i brought it mostly on me

still ten miles
from my next exit
oh i celebrating like
i already made it

not worried anymore
prepared to walk from here
no longer pressed for time
even if it takes another year

will you wait for me
i know im runnin late
we've come so far
it's been a heck of a day

my intent is to go
with minimal mistakes
yet i'll do
whatever takes

where do we go from here
where do we go from here

the road it gets so lonely
and i feel the weight is on me
but its right now
half the pain i feel
i brought it mostly on me

where do we go from here
where do we go from here


1. SO

The Christopher Wray Quartet: THE WAY UP

The Chosen Few: Healing Man

Where Do We Go From Here: is currently getting radio play throughout the midwest, as well as globally via internet.

Set List

typical 1st set: covers

1. Flashing Lights- Kanye West
2. Thrill is Gone- B.B. King
3. Don't Ever Wonder- Maxwell
4. Lady- D'Angelo
5. Outstanding- GAP Band
6. Just Friends- Musiq Soulchild
7. Breezin- George Benson
8. Next Liftetime- Erykah Badu
9. Jamaica Funk- Chaka Khan

Set 2: covers/originals

1. Golden- Jill Scott
2. Just my Imagination- The Temptations
3. Dreamin- Jeff Mims
4. Yearnin- GAP band
5. Video- India Arie
6. So- Jeff Mims
7. Where Do We Go From Here- Jeff Mims
8. Move Your Body- Isley Brothers

Normally 2-3, 45 min performances.