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Jeff Ott

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Imagine if you will a combination of the piano playing of Bruce Hornsby, the vocal harmonies of Chicago, the rock beat of Phil Collins and lyrics that are deeply emotional and easily related to. Together – that equals the music of Jeff Ott.


2008 Grammy Nominee Jeff Ott began playing piano at age 4 and songwriting at the age of 15. While at Michigan State University, he joined his first band in college, a Contemporary Christian group called the Revelation. For the Revelation, he co-wrote numerous songs with fellow band member Kyle Root. Together, they recorded a demo project at Glenn Brown Productions in East Lansing, MI. Although the demo was never picked up by a record label, Jeff continued to perform with the Revelation at local churches and youth events.

Another musical opportunity came Jeff’s way in 2004 when The Sinclairs Band invited him to be the lead keyboard player for the group. This Bay City, MI based band specializes in a high-energy rock show featuring songs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Jeff honed his skills as a performer with this group – really learning how to entertain a crowd. While with The Sinclairs, he performed at numerous festivals throughout Mid-Michigan and opened for such acts as Gary Puckett and Peter Noone.

Jeff's first solo project, A Simple Life was released in October 2006 to great reviews. Here's a sampling of what people have said about Jeff and the CD, A Simple Life!

"A Simple a...collection of rock pop tunes that are a throwback to the songwriting of the likes of Richard Marx with instrumentation that touches on 70's progressive keyboard bands and guitar break heroics - all wrapped up with updated production" -

A Simple Life is a project with "...songwriting based in the organic tell-tale twists of life, love and devotion"...and " opus..." - The Review Magazine (

"Strong songwriting technique and performance"; "The listener needs to relate and (the) songwriting technique lends itself to that"; "...most elements are in place for a potential breakthrough." - Allure Media Entertainment

Most recently, Jeff has been nominated in two categories for the 2008 Grammy Awards in the categories of Best Male Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Album.


A Simple Life

Written By: Jeff Ott

--A Simple Life--

People walking down the street
Moving to the city beat
The marching of their feet
Moving faster
Well now as for me
That ain’t my scene
Want to get away where it’s so serene
Away from all this plaster

People and their fancy cars
Sitting in martini bars
Trying to be a star
Living in the spotlight
But tell me what’s your gain
When you get that fame
Do you think that everything will be a breeze?
Well I don’t think so
And that’s why I wanna go…

I want a simple life
Don’t need nothin’ but my brothers
While the world keeps spinning, I’ll just stay right here
I want a simple life
Are you coming with me sisters?
It’s just you and me, and I don’t have a care

Supermodel magazines
Tell us what we ought to be
All made up and pretty
On the cover of Cosmo
Well now as for me
It drives me crazy
I wanna be myself and nobody else
I’m tired of this show
And that’s why I wanna go…


I want nothing more than just to breathe the air and enjoy the breeze
To be alone with you
With nothing here to distract you and me, yeah yeah


City Lights

Written By: Jeff Ott

--City Lights--

2AM relationships end for the night
I’m standing here, holding you so tight
There’s no place I’d rather be then here with you

When I see you smile, I’m lost in you
When I’m feeling down you pull me through
I can’t imagine my life without you
There’s no place I’d rather be then here with you

And I knew from the very start
That you’d be the one who’d steal my heart
From the moment I looked inside your eyes

And now I know what love should be
I feel it when you’re holding me
It’s amazing
It’s amazing

Just a simple glance and time stands still
And when we touch it’s just a thrill
I want to drink it, ‘til I get my fill
There’s no place I’d rather be than right here with you


Another night, holding you so tight
Looking in your eyes in the city lights
Lovers here again in the moonlight
And there’s no place I’d rather be than right here with you

Lost In the Moment

Written By: Jeff Ott & Kathleen Stewart

Lost In the Moment
He saw her from across the room, and his heart skipped a beat
Admiring her from afar, he knew this was their chance to meet
He walked across the dance floor, and put her hand in his
Whispered softly in her ear and asked if she wanted to dance

And their bodies swayed so slowly
As he held her ever closer
And just at once her eyes met his
Even though the song was over

They were lost in the moment
Frozen in time
All the world around them faded
As they saw each other eyes
Now no one knows when love will hit you
Sometimes it comes in disguise
But when it does, you’ll get lost in that moment of time

The night was filled with wonder
As they danced together all night long
And when the band stopped playing
They asked for one more song

Their bodies swayed so slowly
And she put her head on his shoulder
Still he held her in his arms
Even though the song was over


They both walked out the door
His heart was doing flips
Closed his eyes and leaned in
And softly kissed her lips

And their bodies swayed so slowly
As he held her ever closer
He didn’t want to let her go
Even though the night was over



A Simple Life - Released 2006

Set List

A typical set list for a 90 minute full band concert includes, in no particular order:
A Simple Life (original)
Let Me Be the One (original)
Out of Reach (original)
So In Trouble (original)
The Dream Is Over (original)
Lost In the Moment (original)
City Lights (original)
The Way It Is (Bruce Hornsby)
Miami 2017 (Billy Joel)
Cissy Strut (Artist Unknown)
Takin' It To The Street (Doobie Brothers)
Roll With the Changes (REO Speedwagon)
Take The Money And Run (Steve Miller Band)
Some Kind of Wonderful (Grand Funk Railroad)
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting (Elton John)

For solo acoustic shows, a 90 minute night set list includes:

A Simple Life (original)
Let Me Be the One (original)
Out of Reach (original)
So In Trouble (original)
The Dream Is Over (original)
Lost In the Moment (original)
City Lights (original)
Little Angel (original)
She's Got A Way (Billy Joel)
Something (The Beatles)
You're My Home (Billy Joel)
Belief (Gavin DeGraw)
Piano Man (Billy J