Jeff Peters

Jeff Peters


Honest acoustic country music written on, about, and for the road. It ranges from the quiet optimism of a solo acoustic guitar to the overwhelming beauty of wide open 3 part harmonies, sometimes sitting on the fence between country and rock while at other times meandering towards bluegrass.


'Road Songs' Ring True on "Days Out Here"

Winnipeg's Jeff Peters already has plenty of fans.

Jeff Peters' CD "Days Out Here" was previewed in mid-May at the city's "Times Change High and Lonesome Club" to an overflow crowd which cheered song after song from this incredibly musical, memorable and self-assured debut.

Some would call "Days out Here" 'alt country'? Jeff Peters calls it 'road music'.

Sure, he's an impressive talent. Anybody who slips "Days Out Here" into the player will recognize that. But who is Jeff Peters to talk about 'the road'? Doesn't everybody talk about 'the road'? True to that last question. To the first, Jeff Peters has seen plenty of real highway and has used the solitude and the rhythm of the road 'out there' in North America to write some truly great songs.

As one of "Days" songs says, Jeff Peters is still "young and free and havin' so much fun", but he has also worked in three levels of Canadian government, won the Gold Medal in Chemistry at the University of Winnipeg, helped build Manitoba's second-largest pumpkin-growing operation and worked with troubled teens. Then Jeff Peters discovered long haul trucking via Dallas Transport out of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba (near his home community of Oakville, Man.) Now both a trucker and owner of his own 18 wheeler, Jeff Peters has driven thousands of miles, often team-driving on a schedule that has let him see the sun rise in cities as diverse as Detroit and Des Moines, Vancouver and Omaha, Boulder and Burlington.

"Days Out Here" was recorded in Winnipeg at Skylight Studios in the city's historic Grain Exchange Building (Jeff Peters owner and producer). Jeff Peters plays all the instruments on the album - guitar, bass, drums, synthesizer and harmonica - and adds vocals. Jeff's brother, master guitarist Mike Peters, guests with sensational solos on a number of tracks.

"Days Out Here" is a generous helping of terrific songs - some upbeat and rocking, some introspective and thought-provoking -- all written by Jeff Peters and mostly written on the road.

Let "Days Out Here" take you there. Welcome Jeff Peters and one great new CD

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2006 - "Days Out Here" (Independent)

Set List

1. It's a Long Way To The Top (ACDC)
2. Where You're At
3. Even If You Don't Stay
4. Home To You
5. Just Can't Get Excited Anymore
6. Summer Sundays
7. Cigarette
8. In The Night
9. Thanksgiving
10. Where Are You Sara?
11. Cover - Either Bob Dylan's 115th dream (Bob Dylan) or Goodbye Is All We've Got Left (Steve Earle)
12. Perfect (In The Evening)
13. The End Of Words
14. Down Here