Jeff Pitchell and Texas Flood

Jeff Pitchell and Texas Flood

 Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA

Jeff Pitchell is an internationally acclaimed, singer, songwriter, guitarist,and actor. His CD Heavy Hitter, reached #7 on the Billboard Charts, outselling Delbert McClinton, Robert Cray, Johhny Lee Hooker, Jeff brings his hard driving brand of thunder and lightning blues, rock, funk, and soul music


Jeff Pitchell reminds many fans of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, BB King...but most of all he is a top drawing, best selling artist whose explosive guitar playing & impassioned vocals have drawn rave reviews from fans and critics in the USA and Europe alike for simply playing music that Jeff himself has written in the rock/blues genre. Jeff has won awards for "best singer" "best songwriter" "best guitarist" "best blues show" "best band"  Has been elected to CT BLUES HALL of FAME! etc. & Jeff has been fortunate to have performed  with legendary artists  such as The Allman Brothers  at the Beacon Theater in NYC with Gregg Allman, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks....(see video U-Tube) & Jeff is currently performing with Michael Allman, son of Rock Hall of Famer Gregg Allman;  the legend Charles Neville, who has won his own GRAMMY(!); Claudette King, daughter of the another legend B. B. King; Sheila Ray Charles, daughter of the one and only Ray Charles , voted the 2nd best singer of all-time! Tyrone Vaughan, nephew of Rock Hall of Famer, Stevie Ray Vaughan! Duane Betts, son of Rock Hall of Famer, Dickey Betts! Jaimoe, one of original founders of Allman Brothers & Rock Hall of Famer! .The show is called "Legends Live on!" which has repeatedly sold out throughout New England! Charles Neville of the legendary Neville Brothers,  has gold/platinum records in 6 different countries! ...J. Geils is a man who has sold 10s of millions of CDs and recognized as one of the best guitarists ever.. Jeff & J. sold out 37 shows in 8 different states!! Another key to Jeff's talents is ..he was asked by  movie star James Woods to write songs for a movie,  some of those songs were released  in a CD entitled American Girl! J Geils has been quoted on the radio as saying "Jeff Pitchell is one of the best guitarists and singer in the USA"..In CA, Jeff teamed up with Phil Lesh (one of the founders of the Grateful Dead) & this performance can also be seen on You Tube!

What we believe sets Jeff apart from most (1) his dynamic stage presence and (2) national recognition shown by Jeff's Heavy Hitter CD (Pyramid/EMI) being listed on the national Billboard Charts as #7 for 12 weeks and the majority of the songs were written by Jeff (3) Jeff having the capability to adapt his performances to the type of audience he is performing for (spectacular theater show, danceable and singable, background, etc.!) and (4) Jeff winning two song writing awards from the Great American Song Contest and the International Songwriting Contest (ISC) where one of the judges, John Mayall, renowned blues legend, now includes in his World Tour one of Jeff's songs "An Eye for an Eye" and Mayall recorded this song on a CD to add to Jeff's honors. Jeff has been contacted many times to be a special guest of another legend...BB King! In addition, Jeff has formed a "special" band to perform which consists of Tommy Shannon, founding member of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, Storyville, & the Arc Angels, Simon Kirke, founding member of Bad Company, Free, and touring member of the Beatles' Ringo Starrs' ALL-STARR band, & Joe Bouchard, founding member of Blue Oyster Cult!

Jeff has appeared on national TV and radio, being asked by the Boston Red Sox to sing & play at Fenway Park, and being asked to appear on the Don Imus MNBC television & radio show. Jeff has collaborated with Rock Hall of Fame'r Rick Derringer and written songs with him, and "guitar dueled" live on stage with not only Rick, but Kenny Wayne Sheppard  (see Jeff's website), & Dickey Betts of the Allman Brothers (see You Tube), J. Geils, Johnny A. , and recorded with the late great legend, Clarence Clemons..You can see the DVDs for free on Jeff's website! Jeff has also played through out the US & Canada with The Commitments from Ireland! Most important of all, Jeff has sold out the majority of his gigs & has attracted over 149,000  fans to his my Myspace site.  In addition, his email registered fan base is now over 25,000 and has over 16,500 fans/friends on Face Book over two different sites! Jeff won the "best guitarist" award in the State of CT at the tender age of 15 and he has continued to wow audiences through out the US, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean.. Jeff won, in a vote of six states, The Best Blues Show, in the New England and has also won "Best Musician/Band" in CT. Jeff performs at private parties, corporate affairs, has written and recorded a children's album, & has performed at a variety of festivals....but his trademark, is consistent ....... overwhelming positive audience reactions!!!



Written By: Jeff Pitchell

You play dirty
You play rough
Right down to the final cut
I did not know it could hurt so much
‘til you showed me
For I’ve been last in the skies
And you’re sharpened up on both sides
And I believed every word you told me
I’ve been stained by your love
I’ve been drained from dusk to dusk
You knocked me down and I can’t get up
I’m black and blue and I’m stained by love
You give as good as it gets and never even break a sweat
You’re the only one that I’ll never forget….but I’m trying
I’ve been stained by your love..

One Day Away

Written By: Jeff Pitchell

Layin’ in my bed last night
Yeah the things you told me
Didn’t set just right
So I jumped in my car and went for a ride
Tryin’ to figure out what I felt inside
I tried to be happy but I ended up blue
I’m One Day Away …getting over you

Well, your mama keeps saying I’m real bad news
‘cause I ain’t the fellow wearing Gucci shoes
So I gamble and drink the night away
And I can’t even get out of bed every single day
I try to be happy but I ended up blue
I’m One Day Away from getting over you

Yeah people tell me to raise my head
Sometimes I think I’d be better off dead
I try to be happy but ended up blue
I’m One Day Away from getting over you

Fat Cigars

Written By: Jeff Pitchell

Surrounded by leather in my brand new fancy car
Cool breeze in my hair
Bitter-sweet smoke flyin’ through the air
It’s the way I feel smokin’ on a Fat Cigar
Lookin’ sweet Mama watching me play guitar
She got long, black hair and she’s smokin’ on a fat cigar
Black silk stockin’s and the finest of wine
Those curves and that stogy she’s lookin’ so fine
It’s the way I feel…smoking on a Fat Cigar
Fancy clothes, diamonds and rich fine cars wouldn’t
Be the same without a big ole’ Fat Cigar
Drinkin’ with the boys at Fat Cat’s Smokey Bar
Talkin’ ‘bout the master plans that will make us go far
Such a beautiful magical dream
Lookin’ to the end to hold all the green

Prisoner of Love

Written By: Jeff Pitchell

Am I the only only one who's ever felt like this way,
you know my heart's doing time and I am heading for a big heartbreak,
You say it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all?
This woman's got me wild ..driving me to alcohol
Got me feeling the pain no man should have to endure,
You know I'm losing sleep baby and been walking 'round insecure, they say it's better to have never have loved at all,
woman's got me wild driving me to alcohol
I'm a priosoner of love, everybody knows it's true,
And you may think it's funny brother..wait until it happens to you,
'cuz I'm a Prisoner of Love ,..Yeah..a Prisoner of Love, and all I can do play low down dirty blues.....
All I envision is her and I hand in hand,
Then we take the world together,
Sure would be mighty grand,
We could always walk together where the sea meets the sand..
I'M a Prisoner of Love,
Everybody knows it's true,
You may think it's funny brother,
wait until it happens to you...
I'm a Prisoer of Love, Prisoner of Love, all I can do is play low down dirty blues...I'm a Prisoner of Love, Yeah..a Prisoner of love...

An Eye for an Eye

Written By: Jeff Pitchell

Well baby won't you tell me why I ain't been feeling right,
Everytime I want to love want to fuss and fight
Well baby, it's only the truth
Like an Eye for an Eye or a tooth for a tooth

Well the time seems like forever since we've been apart,
My whole worlds upside down, you broke my aching heart
Well baby it's only the truth,
Like an Eye for an Eye or a tooth for a tooth
Well I am afraid what's come over me,
I don't know what to do
You haven't got an explanation for the pain you put me through,
Well I guess you think it's funny, I think it's funny too..that only guys with money ..can wrap their arms around you..But baby..its only the an Eye for an Eye and a tooth for a tooth

I'm afraid of what's come over me and I don't know what to do
You haven't got an explanation for the pain you put me through
Well I guess it's funny, I think its funny too
That only guys with money can put their arms around you but baby it's only the an Eye for an Eye or a tooth for a tooth
Like an Eye for an Eye or a tooth for a tooth


American Girl 6/12 Vizztone Records
01 Everyday
02 T-Bone Shuffle (feat J. Geils)
03 Saturday Night
04 Out in the Cold
05 I Found Me
06 Homework (feat. J. Geils)
07 Hard Drivin Man (feat J. Geils)
08 Prisoner of Love (feat J. Geils)
09 Step Up
10 My Jesus
11 Seruously
12 American Girl
13 Beautifully Broken
14 Ii Comes to Me Naturally (Bonus Track)

One for the Fans 12/06 Premier Records
Listen 1. It's All Right (4:08)
Listen 2. Not Guilty (4:53)
Listen 3. Texas Flood (9:21)
Listen 4. Stained (3:13)
Listen 5. Pearly Gates (4:32)
Listen 6. Good Time (5:15)
Listen 7. Drunk and Lonely (3:12)
Listen 8. Do Right Girl! (6:00)
Listen 9. Get Out of that Bed! (2:40)
Listen 10. Sugarman (3:32)
Listen 11. Let Me Down Easy (3:04)
Listen 12. Fool's Paradise (2:50)
Listen 13. Prisoner Of Love (3:58)
Listen 14. I Love You! (3:10)
Listen 15. Fat Freddy (3:00)
Listen 16. Christmas (3:25)
Listen 17. No Turning Back (4:33)
Listen 18. God Bless America (1:48)

Jeff Pitchell - Heavy Hitter (2002)
12 weeks on Billboard's Top 10 Blues Chart
Listen 1. One Day Away (3:41)
Listen 2. When It All Comes Down (4:28)
Listen 3. Unsung Hero Of The Blues (4:18)
Listen 4. Fat Cigars (4:06)
Listen 5. Turn The Tables On You (2:50)
Listen 6. Whiskey River (5:18)
Listen 7. Ain't Nobody's Business (4:41)
Listen 8. Out In The Cold (4:39)
Listen 9. Pitch Pitch Boogie (3:03)
Listen 10. Eye For An Eye (3:34)
Listen 11. Prisoner Of Love (4:18)
Listen 12. Heavy Hitter (4:15)
Listen 13. Hard Money (3:28)
Listen 14. My Babe (2:56)
Listen 15. Magic Eyes (5:08)

Label: Pyramid/Orpheus (EMI)

Also Available:
Face To Face
Premier Records
2001 1. Baby I Know
2. What's Wrong
3. Face To Face
4. Whiskey River
5. I Ain't Got No Rhythm
6. Your Magic Eyes
7. My Love 8. Out In The Cold
9. Spirits Will Rise
10. Prisoner Of Love
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One Day Away
Premier Records
1999 1. One Day Away
2. Unsung Hero Of The Blues
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9. More Fat Junk
10. Let Me Down Easy
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12. When It All Comes Down
Fat Cigars
1997 1. Eye For An Eye
2. Fat Cigars
3. One Hand
4. Whole Lotta Lovin
5. To Know You is To Love You
6. Angel In Black 7. My Babe
8. Drinkin Good Wine
9. Dinnerbell
10. Blue Guitars
11. Good To Be Home

Set List

Set Lists are primarily based on what and who will attend a given show at a given venue:

Typical 9 piece band at show gigs:
1. Chain of Fools
2. Knock on Wood
3. Midnight Hour
4. R E S P E C T
5.Walkin' on Sunshine
6.You are So Beautiful
10.Prisoner of Love
11.Mustang Sally
12.House is Rockin'
13.Pride and Joy
14.Natural Woman
15.Love Light
16.Do Right Woman
17.Brick House

Typical 5 piece set list

1. One Day Away
2. Good Time
3. Evil Ways
4. Prisoner of Love
5. Turn the Tables on You
6. Texas Flood
7. It's Allright
8. Fat Cigars
9. Do Right Girl
10. Love Light