Jeffrey Altergott

Jeffrey Altergott


Thoughtful, heartfelt singer-songwriter like a hopeful Elliot Smith or an acoustic Death Cab for Cutie.


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Yep, that's me in the photos up there. You can see when this all got started. Back then I was really more interested in listening to music than playing it. My aunts gifted me a collection of Billboard's top ten 45s dating from 1962 to 1966 and I would listen to them all day long on my little suitcase record player. It wasn't until I was thirteen that I purchased my first guitar and started to take lessons.

In high school, I set out to learn every Rush song ever written. I loved them and only them. Though, I did have a brief affair with Blue Oyster Cult before leaving for college. There, I became friends with a DJ at our school's radio station. He introduced me to the music of The Smiths, The Cure, R.E.M and Laurie Anderson. I was so taken with all this new music, I even started DJing at the station and co-fronted an alt-rock cover band.

The road from playing Alex Lifeson guitar licks to being a singer-songwriter who sounds more like a hopeful Elliot Smith than Robert Smith has been a fun ride. The focus on acoustic music and songwriting happened in the early 90's when I discovered the music of the Indigo Girls and Tracy Chapman. I became ravenous for anything in this genre and traded in my Les Paul for an acoustic guitar.

It wasn't until I saw Jeffrey Gains open for Melissa Etheridge at the Chicago Theater that I heard my calling. He was just one man with a guitar captivating an audience with his songs and I knew then what I wanted to do.

Since then, I have performed mostly as a solo act, though my first two releases Icarus Gounded (2000) and Runt (2004) featured predominantly full band arrangements. My new CD, Don't Be a Stranger, is an acoustic collection of songs intimately performed to be more reminiscent of my live shows. I strived to create an experience that removes the barrier between artist and listener - where we're just hanging out and I happen to be the guy with the guitar.

Anything else you want to know, just call...seriously. (773) 532-9423


Kiss Me

Written By: Jeffrey Altergott

Kiss Me
©2004 Jeffrey Altergott

I'm feeling my way through this life
And I've burned my hands
Once or twice
I know you're no stranger
To this kind of danger
So don't be upset at the price

Validate me
Complicate me
Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me

I'm flipping rocks
Looking for heroes
People want them to be
So clean
I'd rather be down with Don Quixote
I think it would be a scream

Validate me
Complicate me
Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me

I've seen your face before
Too often to ignore
My heart-door is wide open
I know it might get broken
But come in...come on in

Whatcha doing way
Over there
When you could be
Right over here
Just imagine the two of us
Dancing cheeks to cheeks
If you know what I mean

Validate me
Complicate me
Kiss me, Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me

'Til Tomorrow Comes

Written By: Jeffrey Altergott

‘Till Tomorrow Comes
by Jeffrey Altergott ©2006

Grey dawn
Creeps across my lawn
Into my window
Where does time go?

Hey diddle, diddle
Put me in the middle
Of your joy
And of your sorrow
Hold me ‘til tomorrow comes and then
Hold me again

Brush of footsteps,
Stranger out crept
Door close, I know
Another lover gone

Leaves turn, I learn
Fall to the ground
Simple dreams we’ll
Rake up by the handful


Written By: Jeffrey Altergott

Jeffrey Altergott ©2005

Take the training wheels off your heart
Take a ride with me through life
An angel told me I’d be a fool not to take good care of you
And momma didn’t raise no fool

I’ll by your kickstand, baby
Whenever I see you falling down

Everybody loves and everybody loses
Sometime in their life
That’s when we learn
What our heart truly desires
And baby I desire you

One day when we’re fireside, reminiscing
I’ll look into your eyes and I’ll say
“Oh, how I’ve loved life simply because you have loved me.”
Then I’ll kiss you, tenderly


Icarus Grounded (2000),
Runt (2004),
Don't Be a Stranger (2007)

Set List

Venues have a choice of a single 45-60 minute set or two 45 minute sets. Sets are typically all origninal material. On occasion, Jeff will play a cover song or two.

A typical set is all the songs off the "Don't Be a Stranger" CD and additional songs from previous releases as time allows.