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"Big Blue World Review 1"

An amazing new artist with astonishing natural creative talent and incredible conceptual clarity! Jeffrey Bayless brings his offering, Big Blue World, to life with impeccable energy and grace, leaving you wanting more and curious as to what comes next. Each song spills out like a well crafted short film with each element falling beautifully and perfectly into place. His uncanny ability both as a vocalist and as an arranger to become what the song needs is his greatest strength as an artist. It’s clear, from the first listen on, that this multi talented artist has deeply immersed himself into many different genres and facets of both music and life in general. We surly look forward to hearing more and more from this artist with the coming years. 5 STARS! - London Review

"Big Blue World Review 2"

Big Blue World is, in my opinion, the best new album of 2008! Jeffrey Bayless has done something extraordinary by giving us 11 incredibly unique, poignant and powerful new songs of hope, joy, sadness, sensuality, disillusionment, insight, purpose and fulfillment. Listening to this album is like peeling back layer upon layer of pure artistic genius, discovering something new and extraordinary with every turn. Jeffrey Bayless is one of the great new artists of our time. - Music Insider's Magazine

"Big Blue World Review 3"

5 STARS - BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT! Jeffrey Bayless’ Big Blue World is by far the best new album of the year! “When Worlds Collide,” a psychedelic world/rock anthem is the perfect opener and kicks your soul into overdrive. “Addiction” follows with a smooth but powerful sexuality that is undeniable and hard to resist.

“Big Blue World,” the tile track, opens up your humanity and, in the right mood, can both move you to tears and revive your sense of hope. “The Bright and Tiny Ocean” dances with delightful energy while reminding us to see, feel and think in new ways to solve old problems. “Heaven Raindrop Gown” rocks hard, pointing out the irony of desire for outward beauty versus the ugliness within that can sometimes accompany it.

“Big Daddy’s Got It Made” is a wonderful slice of Americana that skillfully reveals the hypocrisies of modern, conservative politics. “Dry Your Eyes” is an extraordinarily moving expose’ on surviving child abuse and is just plain gorgeous to behold. “Killing Time” moves and thrives with masterful rhythmic beauty, encapsulating a modern, media driven world living under the threat of a nuclear attack.

“Wrong Side of Town” is beautifully crafted and reminds us of the virtues of love over greed and tweaks our perspective of class and culture. “Beloved Son” is the simplest arrangement on the album and, in some ways, the most poignant and powerful song here as it superbly draws us in to the plight of the gay and lesbian struggle for acceptance in an overly provincial and conservative society. The final song ”Maria” is a heart warming and eye opening journey into ones spiritual search for something deeper and more meaningful, only to turn and find it in the eyes of another.

Jeffrey Bayless, while clearly being a skillfully trained and accomplished mutli-instrumentalist musician in his own right, has brought in additional talent to fill out the project and to add some beautiful and masterful threads to an already brilliantly woven tapestry. I cannot recommend Big Blue World more highly.
- The Village Post

"iTunes Customer Review"

Great work here! I bought the album and EVERY song is an absolute gem! I can't wait to hear more from this artist!!! I went to his myspace page and learned that he wrote all the songs, sang most of the vocals and played virtually all the instruments himself. What an amazing talent!! - iTunes


Album, "Big Blue World" released 7/30/08 on T@L Records. Can currently be heard on Clear Channel "NEW!," Ctv Radio, No Lies Radio and Myspace. Album and singles can be purchased at iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody, Groupie Tunes, Myspace and Shockhound.



Jeffrey is a multi-instrumentalist in the truest sense (vocals, backing vocals, guitars, bass guitars, keyboards and pianos, alto sax, percussion, lap steel, drum programming, sample and song arrangement and master sequencer). After having played in numerous bands in a large variety of styles and composed instrumental works for various short films and commissioned events, Jeffrey is focusing his creative attention on a solo singer, songwriter, recording artist career.