Jeffrey Benjamin Alvarez

Jeffrey Benjamin Alvarez


Jeff's music is unpretentious folk that often reflects about rural life, love, and hate. Unimpressed by the latest "beard folk" trend in indie music, he is influenced by country and folk standards. Often joined only by quiet drums or piano, Jeff prefers to keep things honest and simple.


Jeffrey Benjamin Alvarez grew up in rural, central Illinois where he developed an appreciation for simple and quiet living. Despite now residing in the city of Chicago, the music he writes and performs often reflect these values.

Alvarez has released two albums, the first a musical adaptation to the classic children's story "The Ugly Duckling", and the second a split EP with long-time friend Jason Roberts of Scenic Square entitled "The Wuffs".

Alvarez's music is influenced by Denison Witmer, Bob Dylan, David Bazan, Ryan Adams, and his country upbringing. He has played throughout Central Illinois and Chicago in coffee shops and bars with or without Jason Roberts, tailoring his sound to each type of venue.


2003 - The Ugly Duckling. The classic children's story set to music.

2005 - Jason Roberts and Jeffrey Alvarez Present: The Wuffs. First three songs by Jason Roberts, second three by Jeffrey Alvarez.

Set List

Typically a set will last from 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. Cover songs are not common, but sometimes Bob Dylan or David Bazan. Sets can be tailored to any amount of time.