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Jeffrey Brian

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"The Real Deal"

"Jeffrey Brian makes music that stands for something, thank God. And he does it without sentimentality or naive optimism. I hope his generation truly hears what he has to offer." - Bo Lozoff

"Ahead of his time"

"Jeffrey Brian possesses a rare and infinitely powerful voice. He, at one listen, summons the spirits with profound lyrics and melodies, and restores a sense of demand and urgency to the singer/songwriter genre." - Courtney Jordan


"Jeff Brian's music is much like a modern day interpretation of the passion, insight, anguish and joy of Cat Stevens."
- Angela Martin

"Soul Issues"

"Whenever I listen to my new copy of KARMA - I feel like I want to cry because I know someone out there is telling the truth and shedding light on so many soul issues. The music is beautiful, catchy, and moving -- and I really wish I could hang out with Jeff and soak up some of his heart felt wisdom." - Jen Bush

"Unbelievable Debut"

"Some of the most powerful lyrics I have ever heard. Every song is an adventure that can bring a tear to your eye or inspire you to move forward in a tough world. Thank you for telling it how it is. Let the truth be heard. Fight the good fight to the end." - Tom Mariano


"You're a healer!"
- James Van Praagh


"Of all the songs and all the artists out there, not one can do what Jeff does. There's not one. I find myself listening to his song "More Love" thinking that this is a song from God and that Jeff didn't write this, God did, like it's straight from God's mouth and you can hear the angel's voices in the background. I really love this CD, I listen to it every day. All of the lyrics are just awesome. The whole thing is real. The world can benefit greatly from all that he has to offer."
- Kayla Lemelin

"Fan Review"

"It's very hard for me to explain Jeff's music to someone who hasn't listened before because it's not simply music. It's more of an experience. These are not like regular songs, it's more than that. It's an emotional type thing. I'm very serious when I say it's a BIG DEAL. By recording his CD "Karma", Jeff has made my life so different. It has to be a part of me now. I always have to have some song of his playing in the background. There's something about his voice. I have one of his CD's in the car, another one in my bedroom. I used to sleep to his CD, now I sleep to his audiotapes. If he was to make it big, I really believe he would bring a new meaning to music and really change the music industry. I thought it was just me who felt this way until recently when I found out my best friend, Jenna, also feels the same way about Jeff's music. It's like a relief. Just knowing there's someone else who understands how special this is. We both listen to him every night. It's unexplainable how something can make us feel so strongly. I highly recommend this beautiful CD to everyone. " - Angie Fontana


Karma - Raw Acoustic Collection


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jeffrey Brian is quickly being recognized as one of the more important and profound artists of our time. With Karma, he turns his attention inward and presents a brilliant acoustical performance featuring 15 of his most soul stirring songs. A soulful singer/songwriter whose trials and tribulations are evident in his emotional delivery and poignant lyrical content, his most recent work is riveting. Drawing from personal experiences of pain, euphoria, grief and enlightenment, Jeff demonstrates a bold artistic statement that runs the gamut of human emotion. Included on the CD is a bonus track entitled "Let Go & Let God" that is absolutley haunting. A must own for anyone who misses the angst of Kurt Cobain and the heart of John Lennon.