Jeffrey Clarke
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Jeffrey Clarke

Des Plaines, Illinois, United States

Des Plaines, Illinois, United States
Band Country Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



" Review"

Jeffrey Clarke's "Feelin' Fine" album is Country Rock that doesn't stop. His voice is pitch perfect and is complimented by the tight, well balanced instrumentation. Highlighting the vocals is the country style piano that almost plays a duet next to his voice. "Small Town Gone," being led by the drum beat, sounds more than radio ready. Later in the album, the harmonica on "They Got Their Reasons" gives the song the somber self-loathing touch Clarke was looking to achieve. With heart straight from the south, "Feelin' Fine" comes out to 10 terrific songs of Country Rock that would help fill out any great music collection.
-Matt M. and the Reviewer Team - RadioIndy


Feelin' Fine - 2009
1. Showdown
2. Feelin' Fine
3. Again
4. Don't Remind Me
5. Dream The Night Away
6. Drink Up
7. Small Town Gone
8. They Got Their Reasons
9. Blunderbuss
10. Couldn't Drink Pretty

Ghost Town - 2007
1. Didn't Dare Take Pictures
2. 8 Seconds
3. To Get It Right
4. Ghost Town
5. Bare Knuckle Fightin'
6. Some Old Song
7. Sunset With You
8. Broken Heart Ago
9. Bar Fightin' Mama
10. The Cold
11. I Know
12. Darkened Highways

Barstool - 2005
1. Barstool
2. Please Find A Reason
3. Dance Floor
4. This Side Of Heaven
5. Train, Train
6. When Women Lie
7. Anywhere
8. Rain May Follow
9. Two Lovers
10. All Our Prayers



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