Jeffrey Green

Jeffrey Green


I am a singer songwriter from Morrilton, Arkansas USA. I put my entire being into my music, and I hope you can hear and connect with that when you listen to me.


My name is Jeffrey Green. Age 23. Born in Morrilton, Arkansas, USA. I have been into music since I was a child. I began singing as a young boy. I started playing guitar around the age of 14. After I learned the guitar fairly well, producing and songwriting became my focus. What I believe sets me apart from others is my attention to detail, to the song writing craft, and to the art of arrangement & production. As well as emotion, that hopefully others will connect with. I hope everyone that listens to my music will walk away remembering what they just heard, and that I can catch the attention of someone and maybe even brighten the heart of someone.


There Will Never Be Another

Written By: Jeffrey Green

Baby, I don't wanna be with some other
Cause you're all I ever think about
If you call my name, I'll come runnin'
Baby don't have no doubt

Pre Chorus:
Don't wonder why I wanna love you
It's so plain to see
Baby, I will never let you go, I still wanna believe

That baby, I can love you like no other
Honey you know it's true
Baby, there will never be another
That makes me feel like you do

Verse 2:
Just relax, and let me love you
Like only I can, oh...
Cause being without you is to hard to handle
I've had about all I can stand


An upcoming LP album will be out soon.