jeffrey james

jeffrey james


My music sounds like the resultant offspring of an orgy between jeff buckley, tom waits, and cocorosie. Influenced and inspired by the new weird America movement, and cult classic songwriters. check out samples:


I've got a unique voice, the music sounds fresh, bet familiar. I know everyone will tell you that you should have some catchy descriptors to spark the interest of potential listeners.

If I could really and truly describe the roots of this sound and paint a perfect picture of what it sounds like, I wouldn't need to make the music.

so I hope you'll just listen. it's good. I promise. I hate 95% of the music I hear. What I mean by that is I am very critical, and especially critical of my own work...


"sounds you've not heard"

Album coming soon:
"wake up sleepy ears"

Set List

10 originals, 2 covers. I usually do whatever feels right. sometimes two small sets. sometimes one big set, sometimes one small set. whatever the crowd seems to want.