Pacific NW country-rock-pop songwriter


I've been writing for 25 years - just starting to figure it out . .

Musically, I look to groups like Eagles or Rascal Flatts - country, down to earth but not afraid to break out of the mold a bit. Lyrically, I think of writers like Radney Foster or Jeffrey Steele as inspirations.

Bottom line, I just want to tell you a good story - one that will move you, amuse you or inspire you. Heck, I'll settle for one out of three . . .


3-Day Drive

Written By: J.L.Boggie

One more song and the night is thru
All I'm wantin' to do
Is get the hell out of this town
And get myself home to you

There's only - one way to go
Find me a westbound road
I'm gonna follow the sunset, yeah,
You know this road leads to you


I'm coming home -
It's a three day drive
I'll cover it in two
Coming home -
It's a fast lane ride
I'm gonna drive straight thru
Coming . . . . how I miss you

It's three state lines across 2 time zones,
One more cold cup o'joe
Ain't getting thru on the cell phone,
But honey I need you to know

There's only - one girl for me
There's only - one thing I see
Dreamin' 'bout
Holding you in my arms again,
I can't wait to be . . .


Coming home - it's a three day drive
I'll cover it in two
Coming home - got a one track mind
I'm gonna drive straight through


Well I kept that promise I made
Believe me, I've been true
And all the desire in my heart
I've been saving it up -
Saving it up for you . . .
yeah yeah yeah, coming home to you

Chorus 2x & out