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God Wants You to Laugh

Written By: Jeffrey MacPherson

Across the street I saw you smile
you were trying to explain
theres a place beyond the rainbow
where we will laugh again
like a sign in the distance
like a shiny new day
I began to believe again
when I heard you say

God wants you to laugh
He wants you to raise your hands
to the light of the day
teach your children to pray
raise your hands

I was lost inside my own dispair
till you turned my heart around
we got work we got to do
ain't that the gift
in all this breaking down
seemed so simple so sweet so clear
darling I promise you this
I will never as long as I live
forget when you said
cause there will always be tears
we will never run dry
as sure as the sun will melt
this winter night
we ain't no better than we were
just a little less afraid
and I'm a little bit stronger
when I hear you say

God wants you to laugh