Jeffrey Newton Jazz Groups

Jeffrey Newton Jazz Groups

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We play real Jazz the way it was meant to be played. Women leave our shows hot and bothered.


The Jeffrey Newton Jaz Group is an exciting, groundbreaking new Jazz Group comprised of virtuoso veteran Detroit Jazz musicians who individually have played with Branford Marsalis, Dave Brubeck, Matt "Guitar" Murphy, Michael Urbaniak, Dizzy Gillespie, The Temptations, and all of the Detroit Jazz greats. They play "language," meaning that their performances are real, actual collective improvisations performed by musicians who create a unique and new work of art each time they perform. They are a welcome relief to the half-assed, amateurish or sequenced crap that suffices for music these days. Coltrane would approve!

Note to Major League Baseball: Mr. Newton began his musical career at age 11 at the Hammond Organ, due to his love for the Detroit Tigers, as their 31-6 pitcher, Denny McLain, also played Hammond Organ. Mr. Newton has performed with Mr. McLain as well.

GO TIGERS!!!!! (2007...)

Further note: The group is available as a duo (saxophones, piano) or trio (add bass) when volume issues are present.


"Live In Birmingham," on Saxlaw Records.

Set List

We have no idea what we are going to play until just before we play it. Depends on the crowd. We can and do play anything. We usually play sets that are from one hour to one and a half hours, as we feature extended solo and group improvisations.