One Odd Sheep

One Odd Sheep


I have been a performing singer/songwriter for over 20 years playing fairs, festivals and various other venues solo and with my backing band. My focus has always been with original music trying to give meaning to the words and express the emotion.


We have a passion for music that has positive lyrics, gives encouragement, speaks to people in some way that is deeper than what they get from allot of today's music and we like a good rocking beat and having fun with the music.

The biggest influence to my music comes mostly from such artists as Pink Floyd, The Who, Peter Gabriel and the 80's music scene.


Why Do You Cry

Written By: Jeffrey Robertson

Verse 1:
Thought I'd come look for you
See if you finally found what's true,
See if you were going to make a stand.

But I found you in discrace,
With dirt and tears running down your face,
Stone cold, with your head stuck in the sand.

Why do you cry but then you still turn me away?
Why, Why, Why
I did every thing, even die for you,
To show you a better day.

Verse 2:
I saw you when you were having fun
That's when I saw you start to run,
And you said that you don't want me around.

You built up a wall of stone
Inside you know that you're all alone
That's when it all comes crashing down.

Verse 3:
When things were going right
You said you wanted me out of sight
You didn't need me, you didn't need any one.

But when it all fell apart
You looked down at your frozen heart
Wondered where's the love and where had I gone.

Sheep Can Dream

Written By: Jeffrey Robertson

Verse 1:
The sheep walk in circles
Faces in a frown.
Lost with blurring vision
Their heads held pointing down.

The wolves in all their cunning
Say sheep can never fly.
Crushing their hopes and dreams
So they won't even try.

Listen to me
Hold on to your dreams.
What might seem so lost
May not be what it seems.

The world may try to blind you
And keep you on the ground.
But spread your wings and fly away
Don't let them bring you down.

Verse 2:
Feeding in the grassland
Firmly on the ground.
Afraid the wolves may be watching.
Trying not to make a sound.

But one sheep prayed oh God
Help me find my wings.
And turned into an eagle
And high above now sings.