Austin, Texas, USA

Jeffrey Simmons makes sweet, dreamy, lush, heart-broken, pop songs mixed with beatle-esque rockers.


Jeffrey Simmons is a singer songwriter from Boston, MA who now resides in Austin, TX. Jeffrey Simmons has written, produced and recorded 5 albums to date. Jeffrey Simmons mixed and co-produced "Making All Things New" by Darryl Blood. Jeffrey Simmons writes songs for TV shows sometimes too.


Jeffrey Simmons
Failure of the Horse and Buggy (2001)

Jeffrey Simmons & The Symptoms
Almost...All the Way...Down (2003)

Jeffrey Simmons
"Farewell, My Sweet Alibi" (2006)

Jeffrey Simmons
"Best of Luck" (2008)

Jeffrey Simmons
"Gonna Get You" EP (2010)

Jeffrey Simmons
"stairpenstation" (2010)

Set List

Typical repertoire is always around 15 songs including selections from all 4 full length releases, up to 3 new compositions and some covers (Beatles, Neil Young, Randy Newman).
Songs are all approx. 4-5 minutes each.
Shows usually ranges between 45 min - 60 min.