Jeffrey Steele

Jeffrey Steele


Jeffrey Steele is a lover of words and stories of life and tradition. His songs have become modern day classics for a generation of country fans. But his music transcends the trappings of country music, earning accolades from fans across the country and across genres.


Born in Burbank, Calif., music took hold of Jeffrey Steele's imagination when he was 8 years old and singing for the first time at a function hosted by his church. His youthful rendition of Three Dog Night's "Joy to the World" earned a standing ovation, so he belted it out another seven times for his captive audience. Within a few years, he was writing songs and began performing with local groups when he was 17. His background includes a mother who sang and enjoyed the big band sound, while his country-loving dad aspired to a songwriting career. He was exposed to the tons of records purchased by his siblings, and in his teens, he parked himself and his keyboards along the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles to perform. Later gigs had him playing Jimi Hendrix-type rock, while other jobs called for the country style of artists such as Willie Nelson.

Steele was in his 20s and working in a house band when he started rubbing shoulders with such artists as Hank Thompson, Red Simpson, and other Bakersfield musicians. Beginning in 1990, he performed as bassist and lead singer for the California group Boy Howdy for six years. In 1991, the California Country Music Association dubbed him best bassist and best male vocalist for his work with the band. The band also scored a major country hit with "She'd Give Anything." Upon the group's breakup, Steele settled in Nashville in 1994.

In the ensuing decade, Steele emerged as a first-rate songwriter. It is almost as though he had the Midas touch. Almost everything he wrote turns into a hit, exemplified by one three-year period when almost five-dozen songs were recorded by name artists that included Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood, Randy Travis, John Michael Montgomery, Leann Rimes, Diamond Rio, Aaron Tippin, and Collin Raye, among others. Thus far, Jeffrey Steele has earned multiple BMI Country Awards and BMI Writer of the Year awards. He has written twenty nine songs which have peaked in the top ten of Billboard’s country charts (including eight number one hits). His cuts include Tim McGraw's "The Cowboy in Me," Diamond Rio's "Unbelievable," Rascal Flatts' "These Days," Faith Hill's "When the Lights Go Down," Trace Adkins' "Chrome," LeAnn Rimes' "Big Deal," as well as Montgomery Gentry's "Speed," "Hell Yeah" and "My Town."

As an artist, in 2001, Jeffrey Steele’s major record label solo debut “Somethin’ in the Water”, re-introduced a nation of country fans to Boy Howdy’s prolific singer/songwriter. Expanding on his growing popularity, Steele started his own record label, 3 Ring Circus Records which has released the remainder of Steele’s extensive discography. It has been a long and successful road for Jeffrey Steele, but for Steele, an artist that already has multiple greatest hits records, it is only the beginning.



Jeffrey Steele (1996)
“Somethin’ in the Water” (2001)
“Gold, Platinum, Chrome, and Steele: Greatest Hits Vol. 1” (2003)
“You Gotta Start Somewhere” (2003)
“Outlaw” (2004)
“Hell on Wheels” (2006)
“Gold, Platinum, No Chrome, and More Steele: Greatest Hits Vol. 2” (2007)
“Countrypolitan” (2008)


“Roots of Country” (1996)
“A Girl Like You” (1997)
“My Greatest Love” (1997)
“Somethin’ in the Water” (2001)
“I Can Give You Love Like That” (2002)
“Good to Go” (2002)
“Good Year for the Outlaw” (2002)
“Twenty Years Ago” (2004)
“Once a Cowboy” (2004)
“Just the Way We Do It” (2005)
“She Must Be So Happy” (2005)

Set List

"Typical Set List"
30 original songs, 1.5 to 2 hours

"Your Tears are Comin’"
"Somethin’ in the Water"
"Swamp Thang"
"What a Life"
"What Hurts the Most"
"Hell Yeah"
"These Days"
"My Town"
"Help Somebody"
"Drunk Girl"
"Something to Be Proud Of"
"Cowboy in Me"
"Me and My Gang"
"Everytime I Hear Your Name"
"When The Lights Go Down"
"I’m Tryin’"
"Brand New Girlfriend"
"Love is a Beautiful Thing"
"International Harvester"
"My Wish"
"She’d Give Anything"