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Jeff Root (Bongo Poets)

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a collection of creative, often funny, and extremely ironic journeys to the left-of-center. Though Zappa, Jethro Tull, Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Genesis, and Kinks influences abound, the Bongo Poets ooze with originality, sincerity (?Ordinary Girl?, ?The Warmth Of Her Desire?) and slapstick comedy (?Hypertext Elvis?). The centerpiece of this collection is ?21st Century Girl? which takes a good natured poke at ensuing generations misplaced obsession with the Summer of Love. - Tom Semioli


I don't usually like to use words like "quirky," "novelty," or "avant-garde" to describe a band, but Bongo Poets defy any honest description outside of the standard issue Rolling Stone magazine writer's thesaurus. The music fuses the old new wave style with modern rock and a strangeness that is indescribable, but welcomed. The music arrangements on this album are pretty creative, and give the music an attractive allure that I did not expect. Not only do these guys pull off some great tunes that many would consider experimental brilliance, but they also have a tendency to mellow down a bit and kick out some very well written songs that have a ton of substance. The originality of this music is very welcomed around here. I like the fact that the music crosses several of the boundaries of your typical pop/rock, but doesn't go overboard. The music shows that these guys never failed to push the limits of what a couple of creative minds can do. I could recommend this album just for that reason, but that's not where it stops. Check it out and see what you're missing. - Michael Allison

"Splendid E-Zine"

Ordinary Girl features a great keyboard section that provides stirring accompaniment to the song's steel drums and mysterious guitar melody. Beyond His Looking Glass pays enjoyable homage to Alice In Wonderland, and the fun Hypertext Elvis analyzes Elvis, The Beatles and The Beach Boys from a Devo-esque point of view. - Josh Kazman

"Worcester Telegram"

Whether he's snarling stinging, sentiments on the latter-day Who-worthy 'Angst Cretin,' or swept up in a wave of nostalgia on 'Beatlemaniacs', or skewering himself with his biting, self-lacerating wit on 'Child of Technology', or romantically smoozing that being in love with you is like 'Christmas Everyday', or getting all tree-huggy with 'Never Ending Ring' or wondering what stories Liberace and Elvis swap while looking down at us from heaven, Root’s latest, 'Angst Cretin' showcases his seasoned musicianship, clever wordplay and inspired whimsy in abundance.
- Craig Semon


Jeff Root's lyrics are a mix of pseudo-intellectual, techno-social commentary and just plain fun. He definately has a 60s flower child feel...but he pulls off a sort of toughness which means you can take him seriously. The style reminded me very much of a more upbeat version of Jethro Tull. The mix, while not groundbreaking, is perfect. It sounds like Jethro Tull meets Lovin' Spoonful. The drums sound very electric, but this works very well for creating a unique sound. If they really are electric, they were very well programmed and are never repetitive. The vocal effects sound great and the instrument sounds make the 60s sound complete. Also, on a good pair of speakers, the stereo picture is GREAT. The music is pure 60s Rock. I love the melody and layering. All of the instruments are played expertly. Jeff Root's voice is very much like Ian of Jethro Tull, which goes so well over this sort of music.
- E Jeff Einowski


Angst Cretin - 2005
#1 Alternative Rock/Pop hits on -
Angst Cretin,
Media Deprivation,
Child Of Technology
Spirit Of '67 - 2004 (re-release)
Ordinary Guise - 2001
#1 Alternative Rock hits on -
21st Century Girl,
The Warmth Of Her Desire,
Ordinary Girl,
She's In Love


Feeling a bit camera shy


*** Alleged, former, transvestite, guitar player for Alice Cooper. *** Placed 15,217’th in 2005 John Lennon Songwriting Competition – Rock category. *** 2006 Motor Trend Sport/Utility Vehicle of the Year *** Jeff has been active in the greater Boston music scene since 1978. His earliest success was with the Hot Dates, scoring a number one hit with 'Tune Into Me' released on Boston Skyline records in 1980, produced by Wayne Wadhams. In 2002, Jeff received many stellar reviews for his alternative/experimental Bongo Poets CD "Ordinary Guise", which generated the web radio hits, "21'st Century Girl", "Hypertext Elvis" and "The Warmth Of Her Desire". Recently, Jeff has become a regular on the club scene and coffeehouse circuit in the greater Boston area and beyond, having incorporated more of a three-piece (guitar, bass, drums) approach to his material and the arrangements on "Angst Cretin". Jeff has performed with acts as diverse as Edgar Winter, Johnny A, John Cafferty, NRBQ, Jon Butcher, Robin Lane, Charlie Farren, Mission Of Burma, Human Sexual Response, Rick Berlin, The Real Kids, City Thrills, The Nervous Eaters, The Rings,The Stompers, The Fools and Harlequin. Currently Jeff is working on his fourth solo CD, tentatively entitled, "Misanthropia" to be released in December of 2006.