Jeff Root (Bongo Poets)

Jeff Root (Bongo Poets)


A modern update of 60s groups like The Kinks, The Lovin Spoonful and The Who. Full of robotic, folk-funk and East Coast wit.


*** Alleged, former, transvestite, guitar player for Alice Cooper. *** Placed 15,217’th in 2005 John Lennon Songwriting Competition – Rock category. *** 2006 Motor Trend Sport/Utility Vehicle of the Year *** Jeff has been active in the greater Boston music scene since 1978. His earliest success was with the Hot Dates, scoring a number one hit with 'Tune Into Me' released on Boston Skyline records in 1980, produced by Wayne Wadhams. In 2002, Jeff received many stellar reviews for his alternative/experimental Bongo Poets CD "Ordinary Guise", which generated the web radio hits, "21'st Century Girl", "Hypertext Elvis" and "The Warmth Of Her Desire". Recently, Jeff has become a regular on the club scene and coffeehouse circuit in the greater Boston area and beyond, having incorporated more of a three-piece (guitar, bass, drums) approach to his material and the arrangements on "Angst Cretin". Jeff has performed with acts as diverse as Edgar Winter, Johnny A, John Cafferty, NRBQ, Jon Butcher, Robin Lane, Charlie Farren, Mission Of Burma, Human Sexual Response, Rick Berlin, The Real Kids, City Thrills, The Nervous Eaters, The Rings,The Stompers, The Fools and Harlequin. Currently Jeff is working on his fourth solo CD, tentatively entitled, "Misanthropia" to be released in December of 2006.


Media Deprivation

Written By: Jeff Root

Give me an C for couch potato.
Give me an R for rump control.
Give me an A for addictive game shows
to stunt the brain and constipate the soul.
Give me a P for pornographic
to titillate the heart with sex and sin.
and what does it spell?
It spells it's time for media deprivation.

'cause we don't need NO MTV
or shows about REALITY
We don't need NO INTERNET to stay connected
We don't need NO SATELLITE
blinking down ACROSS THE NIGHT
to entertain us when we go to bed.

Give me a P for for propaganda
Give me a U for Uncle Spam.
Give me a K for kiddie chat rooms
with twelve years olds who fought in Viet Nam.
Give me an E for "You've got email",
with filthy ads to read in pained chagrin
and what does it spell?
It spells it's time for media deprivation.

'cause we don't need ...

Join the fight!
Climb Aboard!
Pull the plug!
Yank the cord!

Give me an S for screeching monsters
Give me a C for corporate schlock
Give me a U for urban mobsters
griping along to sampled classic rock.
Give me an M for morning D.J.s
with brownie points on every nose and chin
and what does it spell?
It spells it's time for media deprivation.

'cause we don't need ...

Make a stand!
Raise your cup!
Smash the tube!
Shut me up!

Angst Cretin

Written By: Jeff Root

Funny-paper necks and staple gun faces.
Skin peeping out between the tattooed places.
Star-crossed lovers with those interlinking lip rings.
Mutilated freaks with conductor punch piercings.
I stop and stare until they glare at me as if to say:

chorus: It's all about you,
what we do.
If you're looking for a reason,
it is you,
Angst Cretin.

Gorilla-armed guitarists with those knee-banging stances.
Mosh pit groupies doing slam bang dances.
Psychopathic singer with a godzilla voice box.
Spastic-eyed drummer boy in and out of detox.
I ostracize but turn my eyes for fear I'll hear them say:


Kamikaze carcasses underneath a half pipe.
High-flying masochists crashing on a red stripe.
suicidal skater with a bulls-eye haircut.
Crutch gimping casualties bandaged up like King Tut.
I watch them fly across the sky like birds I hear them cry:


Child Of Technology

Written By: Jeff Root

Child Of Technology
I'm just a child of technology
though Mama said it wasn't good for me
I was beguiled like a chimpanzee,
bamboozled by my curiousity,
for every brilliant, laughing, sobbing,
span-of-my-attention-robbing ingenuity,
projecting superficiality.

Well, I was raised by my TV set
that blinking hole in the cabinet
by Howdy Doody and the Mouskateers
those mindless relics of my wonder years
paralyzed by the black and white
grainy, flashing pictures through the cathode light
hypnotized by the man inside
mind in a stupor, slack-jawed, bug-eyed.

I'm just a child of technology.......

It was the dawn of the information age
long before our vast network of robotic, blinking satellites
orbiting the earth, transmitting relentless eons of idiotic rubbish
to the unsuspecting masses through parabolic dishes
mounted atop high-rise information centers
roadside bars, beauty salons and tar-paper shacks.

I spent my nights by the radio,
a blown transistor with the lights aglow
listening to the fractured baritones
of Mott The Hoople and The Rolling Stones
energized by their rock and roll,
those leering voices screeching deep within my soul,
mesmerized by the throbbing beat
under my blankets, tapping my fingers, shuffling my feet.

I'm just a child of technology.......


Angst Cretin - 2005
#1 Alternative Rock/Pop hits on -
Angst Cretin,
Media Deprivation,
Child Of Technology
Spirit Of '67 - 2004 (re-release)
Ordinary Guise - 2001
#1 Alternative Rock hits on -
21st Century Girl,
The Warmth Of Her Desire,
Ordinary Girl,
She's In Love

Set List

1. Media Deprivation
2. Child Of Technology
3. Ordinary Girl
4. 21'st Century Girl
5. Beatniks and Hippies
6. Hypertext Elvis
7. The Spirit Of '67
8. Beatlemaniacs
9. Christmas Everyday
10. Dirty Money
11. Up Through The Ether
12. Kerouac King Kong