Jeff Sawatzky

Jeff Sawatzky

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Beatboxing is vocal percussion, making beats using only the mouth. There are endless possibilities available to a performer using only their mouth; original beats, covers, looping, DJ-ing etc. Beatboxing is an excellent way to get the crowd "hyped" up, and really involved in a show.


My name is Jeff Sawatzky, although I go by the stage name J-Swat. I have been beatboxing for 3 years and performing significantly for 2 years.
I first started beatboxing after hearing Rahzel's song, If Your Mother Only Knew. This really got me interested in the art of vocal percussion and it all took off from there, practicing everyday and really trying to improve my skill. I found I had a natural skill making sound effects, and this really helped me develop my original sound. One of my teachers in high school even thought I was a radio and asked me to turn the music down!
Some of my influences include, Rahzel, Killa Kela, Joel Turner, Beardyman and Shlomo. These are all great beatboxers who have established themselves as some of the best in the world.
I have the opportunity to work and collaborate with a rap group called Straight to the Point. Through this I have been able to perform countless shows, supporting them with my beats, and establishing myself as an artist. Laying down beats and contributing sound effects to their EP was a great experience.
Some of the biggest gigs I've been able to play have been opening for Pillar and Seventh Day Slumber in Toronto. These shows both had over 3000 people in attendance, so it was quite a thrill. Having people come up to me after shows and not being able to believe that the sounds were coming out of my mouth is the biggest thrill for me, and that is what continues to push me to become an even better beatboxer.
Overall, I feel that audiences really relate to beatboxing, and this is what helps make an event a success. A lot of people are mystified by vocal percussion and this grabs the crowd's attention, and really gets the audience excited leading up to the headlining act of a show.


Straight to the Point EP - Appearance on 3 tracks, recorded the beat for a 4th track.
This self titled EP received some airplay on a radio station in Kitchener/Waterloo.

Set List

Set times can vary from 5 minutes to half an hour depending on the show. Whatever the promotor is looking for, I can do. During a set I will play with the crowd to see what they like. I pretend to be a DJ and scratch turn-tables using only my mouth for example. I also do many covers during a set, including:
Yeah - Usher
We Fly High - Jim Jones
Stronger - Kanye West
Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
Whatever else is popular and the crowd will enjoy and recognize at the time.