Jeff Schram

Jeff Schram


Clapton + Foo Fighters. White Stripes + Dylan. Original Rock with ghosts of the blues.


Jeff Schram almost got a BA in classical guitar until he met a redhead in a Chicago blues bar. After soaking up the diverse music of the windy city, Jeff brings his songs of love and heartbreak to NYC.

"A refreshingly high-energy performer, Schram’s music is super high-octane for a one-man show. Schram plays rock rhythms with intelligent, intricate chord development. Scattered softer tunes add a delicate underbelly and mix to his well-rounded repertoire." -


Devil Ain't Got A Chance

Written By: Jeff Schram


Just say the word and I’ll burn for you
And I won’t stop until you tell me to
Just say the word and I’ll burn for you
You better watch yourself little girl when I grab hold of you

Just kiss me girl breathe in me new life
Your bloody lips are like my bloody knife
Just kiss me girl and breath in me new life
No I’m not talking about love little girl
But I’m gonna treat you right

Look into your eyes I see
That the devil wants to dance
I know those eyes are looking at me This devil ain’t got a chance

You wear your heart like you wear your disguise
And you wear it so well that you can’t see mine
You wear your heart like you wear your distuise
No you don’t gotta guess my moves little girl
It ain’t no surprise

Bringin me up and you’re bringing me down
But you only want me when I’m not around
Bringing me on up and you’re letting me down
But I’m gonna get right up
Cuz you can’t hold me down
Can’t hold me down

Hold me down
You can’t hold me down...

I know those eyes control me
And I never even had a chance
I know those eyes are lookin at me
This devil ain’t got a chance


Jeff's anticipated first studio EP "Devil Ain't Got A Chance" is an impressive debut, showcasing Schram's range as musician, guitarist and songwriter. From the hard driving rock blues of the title track to the delicate ballad "Bad Luck", this EP is cutting through the NYC music scene and catching the attention of both critics and musicians alike.

"[Jeff Schram's] three-song EP "Devil Ain't Got A Chance" is exclusively available in electronic form - a revolutionary idea. The songs move you to dance, and then move you to start the album all over again. Schram comes off fragile yet powerful, as his well-orchestrated compositions blend into each other as a cohesive statement of passion, desire and drive. A hell of a singer/songwriter"
- Urban Folk, NYC

Set List

All songs are originals.
A typical set, either acoustic or with the band is the standard length of 45 minutes to an hour. Songs rotate in and out of the set list. If all were played there could be a max 2 hour set.