Jeff Scott

Jeff Scott


cool alternative pop for people who love that song that plays at the end of every movie


Jeff Scott is Canadian... born in the suburb of Newmarket Ontario sometime during the 1960's. The details are uncertain but it is said the Beatles were still touring at the time.

Barely surviving his early nerd years, Jeff eventually abandoned his obsession for Star Wars action figures and began hording Beatle records. This inevitably led to an electric guitar and the eventual decline of academic studies.

Before long Jeff formed the trio "Silent Echo"... but it was the kind act of his Christian deity that allowed him to study piano at Toronto's acclaimed jazz school Humber College. The years that followed led Jeff on a series of musical twists and turns.

It began with a phone call on a cold February night. By the end of the conversation, Jeff was heading to Las Vegas to join the successful Kokomo Beach Band where his love for 60's pop and his sweet falsetto would fit like a glove. Touring the US and Canada, the highlight of the trip would be a series of shows on the Vegas Strip, including The Sands, Aladdin, and Circus Circus.

It was at the Aladdin where folks first noticed Jeff's resemblance to Buddy Holly and a segment was worked into the show. Having set aside his guitar since starting music school, Jeff was thrilled to have an opportunity to take centre stage. "Most impersonators dream of making it to Vegas" Jeff says, "I started there!!"

Tired of the rigorous touring schedule, Jeff returned to Toronto where he landed a job as piano player in the famous "Rock and Roll Heaven" show. One fateful night, future INXS singer JD Fortune failed to show up and Jeff was, once again, asked to fill in as the 50's rocker. Jeff's energy in the role led to high profile opportunities with the Las Vegas production "Legends in Concert" performing in Atlantic City, Myrtle Beach, Miami, and Chicago. He would eventually see Australia and travel as far as Hong Kong.

Since then Jeff has juggled his career as a singer/songwriter with his work as a free lance musician. "I can't help it, I love music! I learn something in every show..." He has shared the stage with such personalities as Sha Na Na's Bowser, the Crystals ("Da Doo Ron Ron"), Barbara Lewis ("Baby, I'm Yours"), and most recently up and coming Canadian star Zoe Bentley. However his favourite moment would have to be playing Farfisa organ for the legendary Sam the Sham as he performed the rock and roll classic "Woolly Bully".

As his hours spent on stage were shaping him into a energetic and captivating performer, his travels began to have a profound effect on his song writing as well. While Jeff is Canadian, most of the songs were written while touring and performing across America. An experience that gave him a unique perspective of himself and the world around him.

Drawing on influences as diverse as Bruce Springsteen and John Cleese, 1960's pop and comic books, with his 2006 release " Super Man on Krypton" Jeff Scott finds his voice. A talented multi instrumentalist and stylistic singer, (he's been compared to 70's acoustic rockers America and Bread) Jeff has a flair for being mysterious in his lyric when he wants to, or getting right to the point when necessary. All the while cradling the listener in a melody you'll find creeping back into your mind before too long. The songs, designed to be delivered either solo or with his small band who accompanies him on the album, are as thought provoking as they are singable.

"...Like Super Man on Krypton" is the story of a humility one can only acheive by returning home.


Catch That Train

Written By: Jeff Scott

A train goes by next door
thought I'd gotten used to that roar
slips into my ears
wakes me from my dream you stood in tears
so far away, coudn't hear a word I had to say,
scream, shout out loud,
couldn't reach you through the crowd

If I could catch that train
bring you to my home again
If I could only make that train below
bring you home

now I'm stuck wide awake
curse the day I moved down to the lake
can't see it anyhow
stare into the dark and wonder how
you slipped away
as if I hoped to find one single day
we lost it all
(long for one more curtain call)


Please don't stop me now we're nearly there
have you ever loved or really cared

Sunrise lights the day
can't beleive I fell asleep this way
here comes the train
whistlin to remind I've missed again
and hear that roar
more sarcastic than the time before
undermining me
hates that I'm so cowardly


Discography Super Man on Krypton (2006)

Set List

Catch That Train
Angels Do Drink Beer
These Days
Her Only Bad Habit Is Me
The Ring
Stupid As
You're In My Heart
Sometimes Hope

Beautiful Imperfect You
Blue Guitar (Outta Here)
Louisiana Rain
Some Say
Best That I Can Do
First Time Today
Grown Man Cry
The Vow
Patricia Smiles
My Rescue
Sunday's Plans Never Stand
Similar Dream
Indian Summer
The Rideau
I Need You
Don't Loose Any Sleep