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26 April 2006

Australian Jeff Sheppard wins the Peacedriven Songwriting Award

WASHINGTON – Out of nearly 500 entries into the inaugural Peacedriven Songwriting Award contest, Australian Jeff Sheppard’s “Can’t Change the World” created the most buzz among the panel of judges, comprised of social activists and musicians.

Sheppard says his song was inspired by thoughts of how he could make the world a better place. “It is the thought that I am one person,” Sheppard said, who counts among his musical influences Stevie Wonder and John Mayer. “My hands and actions, though capable of so much, are still only one person’s hands. It is about making them count where I can.” founder Anthony Stokes says the award was established to recognize songwriters like Sheppard who can tap into music’s power to inspire social change. “Many talented songwriters entered the contest, but Jeff’s song was extra special,” Stokes said. “His song is both contemporary and memorable and will inspire peacedriven people everywhere.”

As the winner of the Peacedriven Songwriting Award, Sheppard will receive $200 and will be featured on, the hub for peace news and activism. “Can’t Change the World” is now being streamed on the website. A compilation CD is also in the works, which will feature the top finalists in the contest. began taking submissions for the contest in February of this year. Almost all of the songs were submitted through an online submission process, with the help of the global music network Entries from all genres and from around the world were received, including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Israel and Belgium. Judges narrowed down the entries based on originality, melody and lyrics. The field was first cut to the Top 40 semi-finalists, and then judged a second time to find the Top 18 finalists.

Other leading finalists included the Grammy-nominated Nadirah Shakoor, former lead singer of the hip-hop group Arrested Development. Her song “Break Away” encourages an end to child abuse. Award-winning California pop group Liquid Blue was also a standout with its song “Making Up” urging an end to global conflicts like Israel and Palestine.

“Peacedriven” and “” were coined and launched in January 2005. The term “peacedriven” describes one who strongly believes in the possibility of a world free from violence, war and crime, and passionately devotes him/herself to achieving this peace. It can also describe one who strives to find inner peace after abuse and other victimizations. was created to give such public servants a place to connect with other peacedriven people, to learn more about peace projects and also stay up on the latest news. is a program of the Red Posts Project and funded by Youth Venture


"Unity, Peace and Plenty" by Amanda Williams of Tennessee (Acoustic)

"This Life" by F.IT ft. Alysha of Canada (Hip Hop / R&B)

"Making Up" by Liquid Blue of California (Pop)

"If The Whole World Loved Baseball" by Billy Arr and Thom Case of Tennessee (Country)

"Break Away" by Nadirah Shakoor of Georgia (R&B)

"Sing Along" by Josh Schicker of Michigan (Rock)

"Free" by Julie Durden of Florida (Adult Contemporary)

”What About" by Caldwell Shine of Texas (Rock)

"50 Million and One" by Broadcast Live of New York (Hip Hop / Rap)

"Breakthrough" by Public Symphony of the United Kingdom (Alternative)

"Something Beautiful" by Sarah Noni Metzner of Canada (Folk)

"Homeless (God Bless America)" by Michael Annotti of California (Alternative/Reggae)

"Freedom" by Patrick Campion of Florida (Acoustic / Americana)

"Can't Change the World" by Jeff Sheppard of Australia (Adult Contemporary)

"Beggar's Audience" by Big Wide Grin of California (Acoustic/Folk)

"93 Maidens" by Rachael Sage of New York (Rock/Folk)

"Love Will Find You" by Story Hill of Montana (Acoustic/Folk)

"Were You There?" by Alex Legg of United Kingdom (Acoustic Blues)

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"This man does have a lot of Soul in his lungs"

This is a very soulful debut but with Rock/Pop tinged fusions, from Australian White vocalist Jeff Sheppard. Its fusions are varied but vocally it's pleasant Soul voice. 'Nobody Else But You' has a definite Rock sound but Jeff's unexpected voice turns it into a soothing Rock song. 'Like I Miss You' is my favourite song for many different reasons. He plays a stunning piano piece, with expressive vocals, passionate lyrics and a rhythmic beat. J. Sheppard definitely pulls it off with the whole Soul thing, because you can tell that he has it in his vocals. 'Be Free' has a little cheesy chorus, but nonetheless it has a nice vibe to it. 'What's passed' is my second favourite from 'Take It With You' debut, due to its rim shot beat, piano chords and soulful singing. I wouldn't say all songs are pure Soul, as Jeff isn't afraid to mix different genres into his Soul based style. However, the songs that are good are really impressive. At some stage it sounds like Radio Head, then John Legend or even Maxwell. This man does have a lot of Soul in his lungs; I just think that if he could musically make more Soul orientated tracks more consistently he would be able to say more confidently that he is a Soul singer. But there's nothing wrong with compassing musical fields as it breaks boundaries and opens peoples minds. - Matthew Daniel - Just Soul


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"11th October – Manchester Lane"

11th October – Manchester Lane


Manchester lane was the place to be on Wednesday 11th October when brilliant singer/songwriter Jeff Sheppard performed his sensational original tracks with an eleven piece band.
Local talent Jeff Sheppard kept his audience spellbound with his soothing voice and mesmorising melodies. Jeff performed tracks from both his brilliant albums ‘Everything in its time’ and ‘Take it with you’.
The night opened perfectly with Jeff’s captivating original track ‘Unfolding to you’. Jeff’s powerful vocals and Stuart Perera’s energy and amazing guitar skills blew everyone away. Such a great start to the night was quickly followed with a stand out performance by Roger Young when he took the spotlight with his electric violin during ‘Beautiful night’.
My favorite on the night would have to be ‘Softly’ where Jeff broke down the big band to feature the string quartet creating a very emotional and heartfelt experience. There wasn’t a sound from the audience during this song as Jeff tells a beautiful story of what love should be.
The standout performances continued with Tim Wilson on saxophone making a guest appearance during ‘Be right’. He delivered an awesome performance taking the night to new level again.
The night ended with Jeff’s award winning track ‘Can’t Change the World’. This song has a great message and the upbeat vibe, really got everyone in good spirits.
The night was an inspiring experience; there is no doubting Jeff Sheppard’s talents as a vocalist, keyboard player and songwriter. He has the ability to draw you into his world and experience what he feels while he is performing his music. This is one gig I will not forget and I am sincerely looking forward to the next one.
- Nadia Generoso


I Remember EP

Available on

TAKE IT WITH YOU 2005 (Album)



A hidden Australian treasure yet to be discovered. Jeff Sheppard is a unique talent, writing, producing, and playing many instruments and creating beautiful vocal harmonies. He has touched upon genres such as soul, funk, ballads, modern rock and folk, just to name a few. His soulful and haunting vocals are a true compliment to his soothing melodies and addictive sound.

Jeff did not grow up in a musical home, but was fortunate to attend a musical secondary college which encouraged the student’s musical abilities. Learning the clarinet in year 7 and teaching himself the piano by year 9, Jeff was always a musical talent. He won many school music awards and scholarships. By the early 90’s Jeff was well on his way to developing his keyboard and vocal skills, he was a member of the School band and started playing local gigs in a rock band.

By the mid 90’s Jeff was aware of his musical gift and those close to him were very encouraging of his talents. He was accepted by the Victorian College of the Arts, this only proved to him that his natural abilities could not be taught and continued on his own road to achieve music success. Not content to play covers and live gigs, Jeff began writing and producing original pieces. By the late 90’s he had recorded and produced his first CD ‘Step Up’. By this stage Jeff was beginning to gain a reputation in the industry as a talented keyboard player and an exceptional vocalist.

By 2000 Jeff was becoming more confident in his writing and production skills and soon released his first full Album in 2002, ‘Everything in Its Time’. A truly sensational attempt at a debut Album. Up lifting and moving Lyrics, exceptional harmonies and melodies ready to rival the likes of John Mayer and Seal. This is a very well produced and addictive album; he will have you singing or humming his catchy tunes all day.

Well on his way to producing world class music Jeff decided to incorporate outside influences to broaden his musical horizons. He soon joined the urban music specialists Midnight as their house keyboard player. This was a perfect opportunity to work with well known musical artists and experience world tours and live performances on Channel V, Good Morning Australia and the Footy show. Jeff’s amazing musical abilities and professional manner enabled him to work with music greats such Lionel Ritchie and support Justin Timberlake on his Australian tour.

Jeff was now recording and producing a 3rd Album 'Take it With you', displaying a more mature approach to music and a new appreciation for his own work. Jeff’s soulful voice singing heart felt and moving lyrics were a great match for his amazing keyboard skills. This Album is full of soulful tunes, mesmerizing melodies and soothing vocal harmonies. Jeff’s work has a strong soul influence but will appeal to the pop rock audience. This Album really has a tune for all.

Jeff’s passion for music goes beyond success and fame. He recently worked with the Women’s Theatre Production for breast cancer patients. As well as the project “Living Soul” which involved local musicians working directly with the cancer patients on original pieces written by the patients.

Jeff is now on his way to writing and producing his 4th Album. He is a unique talent, his writing and producing skills are world class, his voice one of a kind and his passion for music is evident in his work. "My writing has always been the core of why I love music so much. Since the first song it has been what has driven me to be so passionate about the amazing gift that music can be to a person. I hope that creating something from my heart can inspire others, or even just make them smile or embrace life a little more. But as well as all that, it has made my life a pleasure to live."