Jeff Somers Band

Jeff Somers Band


Worship. Period. JSB is a rock band who exists to lead people in worship with music that is edgy, modern, original and other cliched descriptives. They pride themselves on not only their original material but also they're unique revamps of modern worship classics.


Worship is performance. Most of us in Christian circles would balk at that statement, however Jeff Somers Band (JSB) stakes their lives and musical careers on it. The difference is the band operates with the understanding that they are performing for the most coveted and deserving audience in the entire universe – God the Father and Creator. As a band they exist to create the best possible musical offering for their King, and to draw people into the journey along with them. JSB seeks to find the intersection where the path of excellently written and performed music meets deep, truthful and spiritual worship…. and camp there.
Jeff Somers Band, strictly speaking, has been together since 2003. That, however, does not tell the whole story. A number of its members have been playing together in various capacities for several years. The group in its current incarnation was formed as the house worship band for an event in Moncton, New Brunswick called “the Spot” ( where Jeff was leading worship. Through the process of leading people in worship together JSB began to develop as a band and as worship leaders. As opportunities popped up and God prompted they began the journey of venturing outside “the Spot” and playing various venues and events from home (Moncton, NB) to Montreal, PQ and back.
Jeff Somers (lead vocals, guitars), Dennis Prescott (lead guitars), Tim Richardson (Bass), Jon Arsenault (drums, BGVs), and Dave Yanofsky (keys) come from a variety of backgrounds both musically and otherwise. Their original music, though undeniably pop rock, is fresh and edgy. A premium is placed on strong lyrical truth with this band, whether it be a song they’ve written or a worship standard, which they’ve reworked and made their own. They pride themselves in taking the performance and writing aspects of their music very seriously; with JSB “good enough” is never good enough. That being said they are an easy-going fun-loving bunch. They often use off-the-wall humour to cut through the stresses and frustrations that come part and parcel with the blessings of the worship and music industries.
Presently, the Jeff Somers Band is still enjoying serving as lead worshipers for 'The Spot'. The event has experienced extensive growth over the past few years, and the band feels privileged that God has given them the opportunity to be a part of His work. Over the past year, the band has had the opportunity to take their brand of modern worship to a number of events throughout the Maritimes and beyond. They look forward to more of these opportunities surfacing in the future. "I consider it an honour to play under any circumstance," comments Somers. "As children of God, when we join together to offer our gifts of worship to Him, and he meets with us… that is truly awesome."


1999 - Jeff Somers (Self Titled EP)

2004 - Jeff Somers is in production for a solo worship CD, and plans are in the works for a live JSB album. Stay tuned!

Set List

Come Thou Fountain
Not of Me
On a Cross
Burn in Me
You Have Been Merciful
King of Glory
Sovreign Lord
How Marvelous
Hey Lord, You're Mighty

Revamps & Redos:
I Lift My Eyes Up (Doerksen)
Consuming Fire (Hughes)
Come Now is the Time to Worship (Doerksen)
Famous One (Tomlin)
Beautiful One (Hughes)
Lord, You Have My Heart (Smith)
O Happy Day