Jeff Stone

Jeff Stone

 Dallas, Texas, USA

Blues played in a traditional style; Chicago, Mississippi, Delta, Lousiana


Jeff Stone's love for the blues, flows throughout his music, whether playing behind, with or in front of some of the great singers and musicians in blues today. Stone is currently touring with Zac Harmon and the MidSouth Blues Revue. This band has accomplished an impressive run since their formation back in 2003:

2004 Winner, International Blues Challenge, Best Unsigned Band
2005 XM Radio Best New Blues Artist (Zac Harmon)
2006 Winner, 2006 Blues Music Awards (W.C. Handy Awards) Best New Artist Debut

In 2003, Stone co-founded BlueStone Records, a label devoted the the blues. The current project , The Blues According to Zacariah," features the 2004 International Blues Challenge Winner, Zac Harmon. The association with Harmon is one Stone earmarks as a turning point in his career. "Playing with Zac has given me the opportunity to expand on my traditional base as well as reaching out to as many listeners as possible. Zac is a tremendous talent, who plays with the same spirit and heart as I do."

True to his Chicago roots, Stone is a bluesman, in a traditional sense. Though playing jazz, soul, R&B, funk and gospel has broadened his range, and allowed him to truly express what he hears and feels, it is through the blues that Stone expresses most truly. 'Cutting teeth,' as it is said, by playing with mentor Charlie Love (and the Silky Smooth Band,) in Chicago, as well as the years at Babe's and Ricky's Inn, in Los Angeles, under the watchful eye of 'Mama' Laura Mae Gross, Stone has developed a style that Lowell Fulson once called, 'unique...all his own,' and the legendary Sam Meyers described as ‘... one BAAD harmonica player!’

Winning the 2004 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN as part of Zac Harmon & the Mid South Blues Revue, is a gratifying, humbling and proud achievement. "The true blues authenticity of what we have built as the sound of Zac Harmon's blues, is what we strive to achieve. As Little Walter was to Muddy Waters, and as Junior Wells was to Buddy Guy...this is how I approach the sound that is Jeff Stone to Zac Harmon,' Stone describes the Mid South Blues Revue's nature. 'This achievement (the IBC award,) allows us to share what we do with a much wider audience than where we come from.

Born and raised on Chicago's South-Side, Stone grew up listening to the fathers of 'America's music.' Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, B.B. King, Little Walter Jacobs, Otis Rush, Luther Allison, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Magic Sam, were the majority of the blues education that Stone subscribed to. Rounding that out with a heavy jazz influence of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Oscar Peterson, Kenny Burrell and others, gave Stone the improvisational background that permeates throughout his playing. The 1970's and 80's found Stone discovering soul, funk and R&B, all genres that have stayed with him throughout his playing career.

Interests include a recording label under the name BlueStone Records, a publisher of four books of poetry and short stories, and two musical calendars, featuring blues artists of the Los Angeles area.


Stone's recording credentials are:

The Blues According to Zacariah (2006 Blues Music Award (W.C.Handy) for Best New Artist Debut
Zac Harmon

Live at Babe's & Ricky's Inn
Zac Harmon

Without Further Adieu...
Paul Byrd

Signatures of Legends
J.J. "Bad Boy'" Jones

Set List

High spirited, rooted in traditional blues; usually 2 - 3 sets per show depnedent upon the venue and time.

Anywhere between 45 -75 minute sets.