Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor


Smooth, warm vocals accompanied by driving, upbeat, modern country music, occasionally not fitting the country cliche. 80's rock meets country music!


Jeff Taylor was born in Owensboro, Kentucky where he lived until he was two years old. His parents moved to Indianapolis, Indiana to find work and Jeff became a Hoosier. Living in small towns in central Indiana, Jeff completed grade school and graduated from Lebanon Senior High. He became interested in guitar and country music at age fifteen and formed a band the following year. Growing up in Indiana, Jeff says, made it difficult to remain true to his country roots - "It did give me the freedom to explore music that I now know is an influence in my writing. You can hear a little "Indiana sound" in my music sometimes and I think it works out just fine. At age fifteen, I was in a place and time when country definitely wasn't cool, so I learned to adapt". Jeff, at an early age, would soon develop his signature guitar playing style and naturally began songwriting. He composed music from his teen years to the present and has written and produced his debut album, "Southern Influence". Jeff developed his singing ability by learning to reproduce the vocal styles of Waylon Jennings and Don Williams and his music began it's powerful and dynamic journey. Jeff's music today represents many musical genres and is rapidly gaining popularity with music-goers. His new album is a collection of work that best describes his life. Songs like, "Who I am" and "Garage for Sale" hit home for the artist. "It's my life", Jeff says. The title cut, written with his roots in mind, explains Jeff's regard for the legends of country music. "I'm just giving a little credit where credit is due". - Jeff Taylor


Southern Influence
Title cut, "Southern Influence" and "Mary Jane" have received local radio airplay.

Set List

We perform original music to support our current album. A limited amount of covers are included; Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw and Van Zant to name a few. We perform a 1 1/2-2 hr. show and have geared our performance to lend itself to fairs, festivals, and for opening acts in venues that support original music in a concert-like setting.