I make music with the best synthesizers known to man. The Nintendo Game Boy, the Famicom, the Commodore 64. People dance, people shout.


Jeff "jefftheworld" Alyanak lives in Toronto, Ontario. Born into a family of long established musicians, it wasn't until he was almost out of high school that he began making music using outdated video game hardware.

His sound is very familiar to those in the Chiptune scene while being totally different from the 'haircut chiptunes' that seem so popular.

"I'm influenced by everyone else in the Chiptune and Demoscene genres.

Until you hear my music, you couldn't possibly understand."


Jeff has two albums, both have airplay on local university stations and web radio.

-jefftheworld (self-titled)
-I don't Do Drugs, often.

Set List

Sets are usually 30-35 minutes long but can be longer or shorter as the dancefloor requires. All material is original.