Jeff Torbert

Jeff Torbert

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

Jeff Torbert takes his quintet through a Bjork-like exploration of experimental pop and spirited instrumentals on 'Urban Poultry & Other Hopes', his 2011 sophomore release.


After a life of intensive musical training in classical and jazz idioms, Jeff Torbert emerged with pop sensibilities intact, taking his band through a Björk-like exploration of live sextet music in the full-length "Urban Poultry & Other Hopes". Torbert's music tells a story with a thoroughly optimistic vision, his band rallying behind the tunes with tight grooves, spirited solos, and joyful interplay.

Following the release of multiple award nominee "This Weather Honest", Torbert has been busy performing regionally, organizing Musicians For Farmers benefit events, attending the Banff Centre, and growing garlic. "Urban Poultry & Other Hopes" was released on October 22nd as part of the Halifax Pop Explosion followed by a showcase at Nova Scotia Music Week and a 3-day tour of New Brunswick. Two different videographers produced live videos to support the release - one by Newfoundland's Heavy Weather (This Day Is A Metaphor) and the other by Toronto's Southern Souls (Esbjörn). [both videos available at]

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“The record is characterized by relaxing grooves, instrumental pop ballads, spectacular improvisations, and some beautifully added vocals… “Urban Poultry & Other Hopes” is a fantastic sophomore release… thanks to musicians like Jeff Torbert, jazz is being seen in a whole new light.” - The Canadian Jazz Review

"The spirit is light, the tone is clear, and the playing is spot on."
- Stephen Cooke, CD Pick of the Week for 'This Weather Honest', The Chronicle-Herald

“[Jeff Torbert's] TFC soars in an egoless matrix... It is modern, it is deconstructionist, and it does pay more than passing respects to the melodic style of Pat Metheny, as well as much homage to the blues and jazz-funk. All three play really well and are integrated into an egoless matrix which introduces [the listener] to a new style of jazz: Jazz Bliss.” — Stephen Pedersen, concert review, The Chronicle-Herald

Live video performance of 'Esbjörn' by Toronto's Southern Souls:



Written By: Jeff Torbert

The icy wind
Blew you to New York bargain bins
And Montreal cafés
Your bobbing head shows you care to sway

You will be the crowned king
Of that coral cave
Among prisms
Will grow brighter
With every bubble you wink free

The dark and deep
Needs someone like you who can bring
Knowing sighs of relief
Amidst the fear and pain


Urban Poultry & Other Hopes - independent - 2011
This Weather Honest - independent - 2009
Rhizomatics (as TFC) - independent - 2007

Set List

From "Urban Poultry & Other Hopes"
-Urban Poultry
-A Portrait Of...
-Last Bastion Of No Hope
-This Day Is A Metaphor
-Public Affection Number One
-Afterdeath Windows
-Living Two Reasons
-Via Campesina

From "This Weather Honest"
-This Weather Honest
-Skipping Stones
-Are You Going Where I'm Going?
-Tired Affair
-Ignoring The Moral Magpie
-Nothing But The Wind
-Mountain Valley

From "TFC - Rhizomatics"
-We Can Share The Wine
-Before You Do
-Wind Is Free
-Acting On The Assumption