jeff to the left

jeff to the left

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We sound like a Tribe Called Quest mixed with some G-funk elements circa 1994.


Our crew hooked up while traveling in Brasil. Each member was traveling to Rio from Sao Paolo when the bus broke down. While waiting for the driver to fix the engine, we found ourselves listening to our headphones on the side of the road. A converstation ensued, we all began to cipher, and immediate chemistry resulted.


Get It

Written By: Jeff to the Left

bam bam
get it now slow it down
bam bam
get it right know i'm tight


EP: Brasil Bus Stop Blues
LP: Born Under a Bad Sign

Set List

We start off with acapella beat boxing, rhyme battling, then the DJ jumps in and does a 5-minute medley of old-school hip-hop to assert our influences on the crowd.
We usually do a 8 song set, with our standard cover song: "Bad to the Bone".