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The Day My Best Friend Lived

Written By: Jeff Walson

Well he's never been off to war
No big feat that he's famous for
But he's a hero in this town
The bad news keeps piling on
About the cancer he thought was gone
But he don't ever let it keep him down

Living each day for today
Whining "Why me?" You won't hear him say
Every day's a great one we're allowed to stay
When you ask "what can I do"
"Just send me up a prayer or 2"
Giving every moment all he's got to give
Today's the day my best friend lived

Through his pain and his frustration
He's been such an inspiration
Maybe God chooses the brave to show us all
While we pray for a fate reversal
He says "there aint no dress rehearsal"
Every day his sun comes up you'll see him give his all

Nearly 40 years I've been blessed
When I say best friend I mean best
We've rode double on a helluva ride
He keeps the right priorities
A strong faith and his family
And friends he knows will never leave his side

It's a great day in history
Because my friend's still here with me
Making all of it that he can make it be
And though I hope it's years to come
When his tour down here is done
He's locked into a promise that forever it will be...
Another day my best friend lives

Southern by the Grace of God

Written By: Jeff Walson

Hold a door open for a perfect stranger
She glares at me like she senses danger
I just smile and say you aint from around here are you m'aam?
Stick around long in these parts 'n you'll see
Folks just as friendly as they can be
And don't think twice about lending a helping hand

Cause we're southern by the grace of God
In the habit of throwing a wave or a nod
Hard work, honesty, never say can't
We like Robert E. Lee (or sweet tea) and Ronnie Van Zant
Blessed with the best looking women down here
Take off our hats whenever we hear...(Sweet Home intro riff)
Southern by the grace of God

If I work for you I'll earn my pay
Whether up in an office or putting up hay
When I punch out and it's my time just leave me be
Turn the other cheek and let bygones be
But here's some advice you'd better heed
Ever mess with my family and you've crossed me

Well I'm proud to be an American by birth
And no offense to the good folks from up North

But if you were'nt born as lucky as me and got messed over by geography
The good news is you can live like a Southerner, too
You don't have to fly the Stars and Bars
Learn to say "y'all" or love NASCAR
The best way to start is living out that Golden Rule

Southern by the grace of God
A modern day rebel still a patriot
Mean it when I say "y'all have a nice day"
Wouldn't be ashamed if you saw me pray
Supper's 'bout ready, hope y'all can stay, but cut out the racket if the radio plays...(Sweet Home intro riff)
Southern by the grace of God

Yeah, southern by the grace of God

Swallowed Pride

Written By: Jeff Walson

God made me in his image
But he left out a lot of good
The good Lord aint no knothead
But sometimes mine's hard as wood
Chalk most of my mistakes up
To my he-man foolish pride
Tripping over my own ego
Has thrown me off my stride

I've carried a lump in my throat
To where if felt like I'd choke
I can't believe the stupid things I've tried
But I can breathe easier
Now that I've swallowed my pride

I've wasted some days
Not being what I should be
The simple cure I needed
Was a dose of humility
A heartfelt "I'm sorry" was what I learned to say
My path is so much straighter
Now that I'm not in my own way

Now that shortness of breath
And that brick in my chest
Went on down when I apologized
And I breathe easier
Now that I've swallowed my pride

Yeah, living is easier now that I've swallowed my pride