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Jeff West

 Brighton, England, GBR

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FYI Goodbye

Written By: Jeff West

FYI Goodbye (Jeff West)

I couldn't believe
Letters sent by you
Transmitted I received

Terminating niceties
Abbreviating formalities
Punctuation slows me down

Exit strategy [R.S.V.P.]
Your invitation has expired
You quit immediately [A.S.A.P.]
Presence not required
So I'm signing off
As you're signing out
Am I getting through
That I'm through with you?
As I hit reply
FYI - Goodbye

See why I [C.Y.I] must cut these ties
(As I hit reply)

A.M. P.M.
You're Absent With Out Leave [A.W.O.L]
I've not lived through you
To merely Rest In Peace [R.I.P.]

I'm dotting I's and crossing T's
Just mind your P's and Q's please
Let me spell it out for you [4U]


FYI - I know you lie
L.I.E. 2U is A.B.C.
Y.O.U. from you and me
I.O.U. nothing [ Z.I.P.]
As I hit reply

FYI - Goodbye
Your company not desired
(As I hit reply)
FYI - Goodbye
Message reads move on you're fired
(As I hit reply)

What, This Old Thing?

Written By: Jeff West

What, This Old Thing? (Jeff West)

VERSE1: Someone said something
Covets something of mine
Bought by destiny
Not by cash or design

Though your compliment, complete surprise
Reflecting back, materialized

CHORUS: You mean this?
What, this old thing?
I've had as long
As I've worn this ring
It's one of a kind
Comes as a pair
Suits every occasion
Wear it everywhere

And it still looks good
And it still feels good
This old thing

VERSE2: So we've spent some time
Covered more than some miles
Face the future now
Dressed in timeless style

Though not obvious, to my own eyes
Objects of desire, realized


MIDDLE8: Don't know where I got it
But I know the day I did
Seems like yesterday seems
In distant memories of dreams
Lived today

OUTRO: And this old thing
This Me and You
As old as all I want to recall
Yet feels brand new
And this old thing
This You and Me
Our familiar gifts
Others envy the view
How we look right through

Woke Up In Love

Written By: Jeff West

Woke Up In Love By Jeff P. West

VERSE1: Yesterday this was a different place
I was living in a another world
A time before this was your conquered space
Your flag not yet unfurled

BRIDGE: Sundown; unsure of you
Daybreak; what would I do?
Sweet dreams made up my mind
Sun up; I find

CHORUS: Woke up in love
A brand new spin on the place I had been
Woke up in love
Here's something more so where was I before?
Opened my eyes to your potential
Realised you're not inconsequential
Dawned on me you could be essential
A light went on above
Fell asleep indifferent
Woke up in love

VERSE2: Yesterday, although I knew your face
My indecision it surrounded you
This morning's light clearly illuminates
A new day shining through


MIDDLE8: Eternal existance
Carved in stone
Unerring persistence
Forever alone

When I closed my eyes, I opened my mind
And everything changed

OUTRO: In my dreams, it seems
I could be more sensible
You could be indispensable
We should be inseparable

Coming Home Is Easy (It's Just Leaving In Reverse)

Written By: Jeff West

Coming Home Is Easy (It's Just Leaving In Reverse)
(Jeff West)

I know you're so sorry
About the way I behaved
But what's done is done
If we're to drive on forward from here
It's time to start to say
The reversing must have begun

I'm going nowhere, I'm still right here
So please reconsider your shifting gear
Correct the direction in which you steer
This object in your mirror’s closer than they appear
If my admission
Is the transmission
You are waiting to hear
Change your mind
Back up, look behind
Shift her out of first
Coming home is easy
It's just leaving in reverse

We'll say I'm not blameless
As if I was innocent
We can both pretend
Though I’m standing in your cloud of dust
I still see why you went
But this finish is no way to end


I never meant to drive you away
But the rubber that’s burned is burned
The doors you slammed when you went that-a-way
Will open for your return
There'll be no talk
Of who's at fault
Or lessons I have learned